1973 Hurst Olds 442 * Keith Scott * Fernley, NV
After unsuccessfully searching for a '69 GTO, Keith Scott ran across one of 1,097 '73 Hurst Olds 442s. "I had about $15,000 to spend when I found it," says Keith, "I got it from the original owner [for $3,500] with 126,000 miles on it, and about a month later, the engine blew up." The 455 Olds crank was toast, so another one went in, then it too broke. After the third crankshaft broke, Keith swore off the 455, and picked up a GMPP ZZ4 crate motor. Since them, it's been smooth sailing. "I put the original matching-number's engine in my garage in case I ever sell it to someone who wants the original." Keith is also fixing the bodywork gradually; some rust repair in the roof has turned into a major repair to the rear window channel, and more work is expected.

By The Numbers
Engine: GMPP ZZ4 350ci
Induction: L98 aluminum heads, Holley Street Avenger carb
Transmission: B&M Turbo 400
Suspension: KYB shocks
Rear: GM 10-bolt, 4.10 gears
Wheels: ARE Outlaw II, 15x7
Tires: Riken 215/75R15

1959 Chevy Pickup * Donny Dill * Coweta, OK
This was gramps' pickup that he drove every day till he passed in 1978. It sat in the spot he last parked it for nearly 25 years before Donny Dill's grandmother gave it to him. It sat at his garage until earlier this year, when she passed on. Before that day, Donny did get quite a bit of work done to it. It's now more '94 Camaro than '59 pickup. Donny replaced the straight-six with the LT1 and its attached 4L60E trans. He was even able to use the driveshaft and rear end from the donor Camaro. The entire suspension has been overhauled with CPP's four-link rear and TCI's Mustang II IFS. He's kept the factory steering wheel to remember where the truck came from.

By The Numbers
Engine: ’94 Camaro LT1
Transmission: 4L60E
Suspension: TCI Mustang II (front), CPP 4-link (rear)
Brakes: ’94 Camaro discs
Rear: ’94 Camaro (narrowed)
Wheels: Corvette ralleys (15-inch)
Tires: BFG Radial T/A 245/60R15 & 275/60R15

1969 Torino * Jeremy Wilson * Toronto, Canada
Not nearly as many muscle cars made it to Canada as they did here, so it's extra special to see them. The '69 Torino that Jeremy Wilson bought was a Detroit native, and was driven there for almost 40 years. The previous owner did a handful of modifications in the '70s, but hadn't touched it since. When Jeremy got it, he immediately started working on the body, and what he is calling general clean up. He plans to freshen up the motor with a nice new Edelbrock carb, intake, and headers, and maybe even some aftermarket cylinder heads.