1967 Pontiac LeMans * Colin Anderson * St. Louis, MO
"The prospect of having a picture of my car make it into a magazine fills me with a childish glee," writes 24-year-old Colin Anderson. A student going to paramedic school who is also holding down a full-time job, Colin says it's hard to find time to work on his project, which is his first. "I bought the car in high school, wanting an old cruiser." The motor, which was supposed to be a 400, turned out to be a 350, and as luck would have it, Colin found a 428 for sale in the paper the next day. "This led to the snowball. Soon, everything was replaced." Down the road, Colin plans for some bodywork and some paint, then some serious suspension pieces, larger 17- or 18-inch wheels, and bigger brakes. "I think I may have been hit by the g-Machine bug!"

By The Numbers
Engine: 433ci Pontiac
Heads: ported 6X-4
Induction: Performer RPM, 750-cfm Speed Demon
Transmission: Turbo 400
Rear: GM 10-bolt w/3.55 gears
Wheels: Cragar Street Star (15x7 & 15x8)
Tires: BFG 225/60R15

1971 Chevy Nova * Joe Hansel * Batavia, OH
"I wanted to share this experience with my dad, as we are both car enthusiasts and this would give us something to do together that we both love," writes Joe Hansel. The search for a '68-72 Nova lead them to a '70 model that Joe located via eBay in Shelbyville, Indiana. "The car was exactly what we were looking for. Once you make the purchase, though, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. It was like a scavenger hunt looking for the right parts and getting everything in order to begin the restoration." Joe has never done a restoration before, but has tackled most of the work himself under the supervision of dad, and Joe Wolf, a close friend who also did the finish paintwork. Much has still to be determined for the Hansel's Nova, such as the specifics of the engine and trans.

By The Numbers
Engine: small-block Chevy (planned)
Transmission: Turbo 350 (planned)
Suspension: stock, restored
Interior: restored to stock by owner
Rear: GM 10-bolt with 3.73 gears
Wheels: Cragar 61 Series (14x6 & 14x8)
Tires: BFGoodrich

1957 Dodge D100 * Jim Spencer * Smithfield, RI
"I always like non-mainstream vehicles. I like the challenge of fabrication, hunting for stuff, and lying in bed at night trying to figure out solutions," writes Jim Spencer, an IT expert who hails from Smithfield, Rhode Island. Jim figures he's got about five years left to go on his '57 Dodge D100 pickup, and still needs to tackle the glass, gauges, wiring, door handles/latches, rollbar, and seats. Jim has completed all the work to date by himself, including the rear suspension, which was originally for a '55 Chevy, but that he adapted to fit. ("It's a Dodge, I've got no choice!") Jim also fabbed the crossmembers, dropped it 5 inches, installed floor pans from a LeMans, built a flip-top hood, and fabricated a bank of switches above the windshield for fans, lights, and engine start.