By The Numbers
Engine: 5.0L roller motor
Transmission: T-5 manual
Suspension: Pontiac Sunbird rack-and-pinion
Brakes: four-wheel ABS brakes
Rear: Ford 8.8-inch
Wheels: '97 Mustang GT
Purchase price: adjusted $0

1967 Mustang * Rick Kowalski * Emeryville, Canada
Rick Kowalsi had worked for Ford Motor Company for 13 years, but was recently laid off. With the spare time, Rick decided to un-bury his '67 Mustang project he's had stored at a friend's house for 11 years. When Rick went to pick it up, he found a '95 T-bird right next to it. Rick explained: "My friend, Matt, and I decided to do a little Canadian Redneck engineering, and cut the roof off the T-Bird and stick the '67 Mustang body on top. We had the lovely gravel floor to be our workbench. As a machinist, I know how important a work surface is." So far, this build has cost a lot in labor, but not much in cash. Maybe Rick should look for a new job.

By The Numbers
Engine: 4.6L Ford OHC
Transmission: electronic AOD
Suspension: ’95 T-Bird (front and rear)
Rear: Ford 8.8-inch IRS
Body: ’67 body on a ’95 T-Bird
Comforts: A/C, cruise control, ABS, tilt wheel
Wheels: Ford Bullitt style polished aluminum

1973 Duster * Joe and Conner Drab * Rocklin, CA
The name of this game is "budget." Joe Drab has been helping his son, Connor, find a project car to work on during the years he will still live at home. They were looking for a `68-74 Camaro, Chevelle, or El Camino, but had no luck within their budget. Usually, we don't think to turn to Mopars when budget is a concern, but Joe's $5,000 budget brought up many more options for the post-'70 Mopars. This picture was taken the day the team picked up Connor's new ride. Good thing the wipers and defroster worked, because it was a cold and wet ride home. The Drabs haven't developed a solid plan yet, but know the first things that have to go are those wheels.

By The Numbers
Engine: 340 small-block Chrysler
Transmission: automatic
Suspension: air shocks
Body: vinyl top
Special options: console, power steering, seat belt buzzer
Wheels: powdercoated steel (15-inch)
Tires: “black”