By The Numbers
Engine: 400ci small-block, Weiand blower
Transmission: 700-R4
Suspension: probably Air Ride
Exhaust: exit through rear quarter panel
Rear: Nova 10-bolt rear
Wheels: steel wheels
Tires: whitewalls!

1978 Camaro * Lance Stultz * Yakima, WA
We were overwhelmed when we got Lance Stultz's letter--he has no fewer than six project cars in the works! To be fair to everybody, we had to pick just one, and it was an easy choice. Lance bought this '78 Camaro for just $200, and equipped it with swap meet finds and old take-off parts lying around the yard. Lance writes: "Over the last two years, I have used all my spare and leftover Chevy parts to piece together the car you see here. The motor is an old 0.060-over 350 I had laying around. It's got a $40 swap meet Torker II intake, $40 swap meet headers, and an Edelbrock carb I took off my son's Camaro when we put on a Holley 750. It still needs paint, rust repair on the floor and trunk, and some tuning, but it's not too bad for about $1,000."

By The Numbers
Engine: Chevy 350
Transmission: Turbo 350 out of a demolition derby car
Suspension: Energy Suspension bushings
Exhaust: Dynomax Race Magnum, $75 from a Mopar
Interior: $40 dash pad, $50 door panels, new carpet
Gauges: $25 gauge cluster from swap meet
Other cars: '76 Mustang 4x4, '78 Mustang, '84 Camaro, '75 Mustang, '74 GMC

1965 Chevelle * Al Bruder * Livonia, MI
Here's a tech tip from Chevelle owner, Al Bruder, that all the blower guys can use: "The best thing I ever did on this build was to paint the firewall and floor with two coats of Lizard Skin ceramic heat shield. It dropped the inside temperature by 15 degrees or more." Heat, is of course, exactly what you get when you build a blown big-block, then stick it out on the street on a hot summer day. Al's Chevelle has had many upgrades, including suspension, brakes, cooling (lots of cooling stuff!), wiring, and even nitrous on top of the 8 pounds of boost. Al drives his Chevelle at least 1,500 miles a year, and boasts that it's one of the few blower cars that is regularly street driven. Writes Al: "I spend all week out cruising Woodward before the Dream Cruise."

By The Numbers
Engine: 460ci big-block, Weiand 6-71
Carburetion: dual 750 Demons
Suspension: Global West, QA1, Eaton, Hotchkis
Brakes: Wilwood
Rear: Ford 9-inch, 4.10 gears
Wheels: Boyd Coddington 4x15; Centerline 15x15
Tires: Mickey Thompson