By The Numbers
Engine: 427ci big-block Ford
Transmission: Top Loader four-speed
Suspension: Heidt’s Mustang II kit with coilovers
Brakes: power disc
Rear: Ford 9-inch
Wheels: stamped steel
Body: fresh black paint

1968 Mustang * Lance and Trish Howlett * Cibolo, TX
Lance and Trish Howlett have been married for over 20 years, and have gone though many Mustangs and other hot rods along the way. When Lance spotted this particular '68 Mustang for sale, he didn't give it a second thought because they had too many toys. When he saw a couple weeks later that it was still available, he asked Trish what she thought, and she was eager to go check it out. Lance tells us: "Somewhere along the line, it went from a simple fix-what's-bent-and-drive-it repair job, to a full on nut-and-bolt restoration." The Mustang is nearly finished; it's just waiting for the engine to go in and a couple of loose ends to be tied up in the interior.

By The Numbers
Engine: 390-inch big-block Ford
Transmission: Tremec TKO five-speed
Suspension: 620-lb springs, 1-inch sway bar, Koni shocks
Brakes: '05 Mustang discs
Rear: Ford 9-inch with Strange 31-spline axles
Wheels: Eagle Alloy (18-inch)
Paint: ’08 Subaru Blue Effect

1972 Gran Torino * Andrew Crouch * Omaha, NE
This poor Ford Torino had sat alone in a barn for 15 years before Andew Crouch came along and reused it. He saw an ad on the Internet that read: "1972 Torino, $600." It was owned by a college student who bought it from a guy in his hometown of Dana, Iowa, who was the original owner. Unfortunately, this student had to sell it because he couldn't afford the gas. Andrew went to check it out, and despite the fact the owner had lost the keys, he still bought it. It turned out to be a great deal, especially because the 351ci Cobra Jet, four-speed trans, and 9-inch rearend were still in tact. Andrew did all the bodywork, and made a temporary paint booth, where he will be spraying it with the factory Medium Bright Yellow.

By The Numbers
Engine: 351ci Cobra Jet Cleveland
Transmission: Top Loader four-speed
Brakes: '99 Crown Vic police edition discs
Rear: Ford 9-inch
Body: Medium Bright Yellow paint
Wheels: Crown Vic stamped steel (16-inch)
Tires: Kumho Sport Radials, 245/50R16