1976 Laguna * Tom Palkovic * Pittsburgh, PA
In the hope for his Laguna to make it into the pages of PHR again as Laguna of the Month, Tom decided to rebuild it. Tom found his special S-3 Laguna less than a quarter mile away from his home (at the time) in Ottawa, Canada. This car was originally burgundy, but Tom preferred black, so he repainted it. They didn't make a cowl hood for the Laguna, so Tom grafted a fiberglass cowl from a '67-69 Camaro hood to the factory steel Laguna lid. He only cut the air cleaner's 15-inch diameter from the steel side to allow it to pop though under the cowl. The motor is a 12:1 355ci small-block Chevy packed with some really nice parts. He hopes to get his son into the hobby one day. Is 2 years old too young to learn to weld?

By The Numbers
Engine: 355ci small-block Chevy
Transmission: TH350 by LenTech Automatics
Suspension: boxed lower arms, PST bushings, sway bars
Brakes: 12- and 11-inch disc
Rear: GM 8.5-inch GM 10-bolt with 3.42 gears and posi
Wheels: Iroc Z
Tires: BFG Radial T/A 265/50R16, and 295/50R16

1964 Falcon * Patrick Biggs * Thousand Oaks, CA
Usually, the garage is awaiting a car build, not the other way around. That's how things happened for Patrick Biggs. His new home didn't come with a garage, and his wife would always open the large sliding glass door to the living room to store his current project. Last year, his wife asked to have a garage. Patrick has a contractor's license, so he was all in. Once the shop was done, he bought this '64 Falcon. He's got most of the dirty paint and bodywork done, and gets to do the assembly stuff in his garage/recreation room. This Falcon is number three in his lineup of Fords, and probably won't be the last.

By The Numbers
Engine: Boss 302 small-block Ford
Transmission: T-5 five-speed
Suspension: Fatman spindles, Shelby sway bar (front) Moroso shocks (rear)
Brakes: Wilwood four-wheel discs
Rear: Ford 9-inch with Detroit locker
Wheels: Cragar 612 (18-inch)
Tires: MT Sportsman (big 'n' littles)

1963 Mercury Comet * Steve Reddy * Camden, ME
Growing up in the hey day of Pro-Street, this was the second big-blower car that Steve Reddy has built. He's done all the sheetmetal work in his home garage, too. Though his shop is set up for carpentry--his trade--it has been home to this Mercury Comet project for the last five years. Steve's Pro-Street style is aimed to look as if it were out of the '80s, which he is well on his way to. The Merc weighs 3,150 pounds, and he expects the 670hp 408-inch small-block Ford to push it into the six-second eighth-mile range. This car also has all the creature comforts, such as a Vintage Air system, and a full stereo.