1967 Camaro * Keith Melzer * Richfield, WI
"I worked as a machinist, and convinced my boss to let me work on the car in our lunchroom area," writes Keith Melzer of the '67 Camaro he bought back in 1977. After blowing the engine in 1983, Keith took the Camaro out of action so that he could, "do it right." Doing it right consisted of a complete Alston 2x3 chassis kit and new body panels. By the time Keith finished all the fitting and welding, it was 1997. Then six years ago, Keith discovered he had Parkinson's Disease, which sidetracked the Camaro until he found the right combination of meds. "I find working on my car very therapeutic, and although it takes me longer to do things, I think I'm still making good progress." Keith hopes to get the Camaro's chassis inspection for Division 3 this spring.

By The Numbers
Engine: 343ci Dart small-block
Cylinder heads: Jegs aluminum
Headers: homebuilt from Stahl kit
Suspension: Alston, Afco
Brakes: Wilwood, Strange, QA1
Grille: billet, made by owner
Body: front end, deck, doors by Glasstech

1980 Camaro * Eric Wood * Walton, NY
"I bought this car when I was 18 because I've always had Camaro fever, and it's built for speed," writes Eric Wood. "I started attending NHRA events when I was 12, and shortly thereafter my dad bought a 130/four-speed '66 Chevelle--the car I learned to drive standard with." Of Eric's '80 Camaro, he says it's still a pain to drive on a regular basis, but it's really fun when he opens the throttle. We really dig Eric's photo, especially since he took the time to do some nice Photoshop work to superimpose the hood off the car with the engine showing through it. Eric also included a sweet photo illustration rendering with his entry. This combines actual photography with computer rendering techniques to produce a lifelike image of his completed car. Nice work, Eric!

By The Numbers
Engine: 355ci Vortec small-block
Transmission: T-56 six-speed
Suspension: Hotchkis, KYB, Energy Suspension
Brakes: Wilwood
Rear: 8.5-inch 10-bolt,
Wheels: Vintage Wheel Works V40
Tires: Nitto 255/45R18 & 295/45R18

1969 LeMans * Paul and Shanna Sandal Box * Elden, SD
Paul and Shanna Sandal have two boys, and several hot rods. The boys often refer to the cars as their own, but Shanna never did. Now it's her turn to have one. Husband, Paul, is currently building her this '69 LeMans. Paul writes, "It's getting a 454 Chevy--sorry Pontiac purists--700-R4 trans, and 13-inch brakes to keep my wife safe." The paint choice would have to reflect Shanna's personality, so they chose a two-tone Rasberry Metallic, with a black metallic roof. (Smart girl: that's a color combo that's sure to keep any man out of the driver seat!) Paul hopes when it's done that it's a fun, safe car for Shanna to drive.

By The Numbers
Engine: 454ci big-block Chevy
Transmission: 700-R4
Suspension: upgraded sway bars, lowering springs
Brakes: 13-inch discs
Body: Raspberry and black metallic two tone
Wheels: five-spoke (18-inch)
Tires: sticky