By The Numbers
Engine: 408-inch small-block Ford
Transmission: Lentech four-speed AOD
Suspension: Fatman strut front, back-half
Brakes: '96 Mustang (front), Explorer disc (rear)
Rear: Ford 9-inch with 4.11 gears and Detroit locker
Wheels: Centerline Convo-Pro
Tires: Hoosier front runners and 31x16.5 rear

1966 Fairlane * Alan Lambert * Poughkeepsie, NY
There are Ford guys and Chevy guys, and Alan Lambert is definitely a Ford guy. He's owned Mustangs and other Ford performance-oriented cars from'68-91 models. The hobby had to take the backseat to his kids, but now he is in a position to build another car, now with his wife's blessing! This '66 Fairlane has got a lot of rust and corrosion, but Alan is confident he can tackle it. Once the body is rebuilt, he will be building a big-inch Windsor, producing at least 450 hp. He says he absolutely must have a four-speed trans and a 9-inch rearend.

By The Numbers
Engine: 427ci Windsor
Transmission: Top Loader four-speed
Suspension: TCP front clip
Brakes: four-wheel disc
Rear: Ford 9-inch
Wheels: steelies
Body: satin black with maroon accents

1967 Chevelle * Larry Shelton * Medford, OR
Medford, Oregon, is just north of the California border, and has several local car shows, and even a nearby dragstrip. Larry Shelton has owned both Novas and Camaros, but was always interested in getting a Chevelle to take to that local drag spot. Larry found this '67, and brought it to his buddy's shop, Preferred Automotive, which specialized in building drag race cars. After a few months at the shop, and a year at home, Larry finally had the car ready to run. It's made six passes so far, with a best time of 10.90 at 128 mph. There's a bottle full of nitrous that he hasn't cracked open yet; that will be for next season!

By The Numbers
Engine: 406ci small-block Chevy
Transmission: Turbo 350 with B&M Pro Stick
Suspension: Competition Engineering 90/10 shocks (front), coilovers (rear)
Brakes: line lock, discs
Rear: Dana 60 with Richmond 4.65 gears
Wheels: Weld Pro Star (15-inch)
Tires: Mickey Thompson 29.5X13.5

1969 Mustang * Chuck Martin * Slidell, LA
Since Chuck Martin was in elementary school, he knew he wanted a Mustang, and had his heart set on a '70 Fastback. That was until he saw the '69 model. In 1998, he was finally able to buy a project car, and you guessed it, it was a '69 Fastback. He bought the car for $4,500, then was given $4,500 years later to fix it after a flood packed it five feet under with mud. Chuck decided to rebuild, rather than take the money and run. The engine was rusted together beyond repair, so he quickly got a replacement. The body still looks as though it's been off roading, but that is on the long-term list of things to do.