By The Numbers
Engine: 351ci Windsor
Transmission: automatic
Suspension: new power steering upgrade
Brakes: disc from Crown Vic
Rear: Ford 9-inch with 3.00 gears
Interior: original AM/FM and eight-track player
Wheels: slot mags

1972 Duster * Benjamin Kardon * Sharps Chapel, TN
There is no doubt Benjamin Kardon is a die-hard Duster fan. He writes: "I noticed that Dusters never get the respect that they deserve. People always think of them as a `starter' car or a `grandma' car. So I decided that I was going to build a Duster that no one could ignore!" This ambitious guy is doing a full-on NASCAR theme, with big fat tires on steel wheels, light-weight glass, and a sparse, business-only interior. Benjamin has drawn the car exactly how he wants it to look; he plans to bring the car with him to work on while at studying at WyoTech.

By The Numbers
Engine: 5.7L Hemi
Transmission: five-speed manual
Suspension: full race tubular control arms (front) and four-link (rear)
Brakes: the biggest he can fit
Rear: 8.75-inch with posi
Wheels: Aero stamped steel (15-inch)
Tires: Goodyear

1982 Camaro * Todd Schonfeldt * Marshfield, WI
Kids get into trouble, we look the other way, and move on. But when your 13-year old son brings home a '82 Camaro that had been sitting in a neighbor's garage to rot, it may be harder to ignore. At 13 years old, Todd Schonfeldt bought a dirt bike, which took him all over town. He was showing off his new ride to a family friend, who mentioned he had a Camaro he bought at an auction (since the car was involved in a high-speed chase and drug bust). Todd loved it, and traded his dirt bike for it on the spot. Since then, he's cleaned it up quite a bit. The interior needed extra attention because it had been tossed up in the search process.

By The Numbers
Engine: LG4 305ci small-block, Edelbrock carb
Transmission: TH350, Hurst shifter
Exhaust: dual Flowmaster mufflers with cat delete
Interior: Kenwood deck, upgraded speakers
Wheels: slotted aluminum
Tires: Goodyear Eagle GTII
Original mileage: 152,000