1972 Chevelle * Mike Boland * Erie, PA
It's funny how a base model, with no special options, can be such a great find. Mike Boland snagged this 307-powered, AM-only radio equipped, 55,000-mile '72 Chevelle just two years ago. The car was totally unmolested, but that would change. Mike stripped it all down to bare metal, the way it always should be done, and painted it in DuPont Cranberry Red. Mike threw all the best parts at it, like a big-block Chevy motor and a Moser rearend. Judging by the current pictures, it looks as though it's about ready to hit the road. Mike says his kids are old enough now to appreciate the ride.

By The Numbers
Engine: 454ci big-block Chevy
Transmission: TH400 with manual valve body
Brakes: Wilwood four-wheel discs
Rear: Moser 12-bolt with 3.42 gears and Eaton posi
Body: DuPont Cranberry Red
Wheels: American Racing Torq-Thrust D
Tires: 235/60R16 and 295/50R16

1969 Camaro * Matt Butts * Columbus, IN
What comes first, the engine or the car? In this case, it was the engine. While Matt Butts was studying at the University of Michigan for his masters in mechanical engineering, he had an urge to build a small-block Chevy after a school project had him running down the dragstrip in an ethanol-powered Silverado. Once the engine was complete, he set out to find a car to put it in. Matt loved first-gen Camaros, and found one that was lacking the drivetrain. He worked on it clumsily in his student years, made some mistakes, then decided to let the project wait for him to mature a bit. Now the wiser, Matt dove back in. He hopes to have it move under its own power soon.

By The Numbers
Engine: LQ4 6.0L GM truck motor
Transmission: Borg Warner T-56
Suspension: BMR upper and lower arms (front) Chris Alston G-Bar (rear)
Brakes: Kore3 C5/C6 big brake kit
Rear: GM 12-bolt
Inspiration: school
Tires: drag radials

1955 Bel Air * Steven and Eileen Jones * Newburgh, NY
The year 1955 was a very important year to us, because it was the birth year of the small-block Chevy. Although the puny 265 V-8 didn't even come with an oil filter, they were put into '55 full-size cars like the one Steven Jones's dad had when growing up. Times have changed, and Steven is all grown up and wanted to get a '55 of his own. This one was a bare shell with no interior, wiring, engine, or transmission; it barely rolled. Collecting parts has been a five-year process, since when he had the money he didn't have the time, and vice versa. Steven has now found some time, and got the body prepped for PPG custom red paint.

By The Numbers
Engine: 350ci small-block Chevy
Transmission: five-speed manual
Suspension: all rebuilt
Brakes: Right Stuff power disc brakes
Body: PPG Red
Wheels: Chrome ralleys with spinners
Tires: BFG