1965 Chevy Corvair * Patrick Hagerman * Nowata, OK
"I grew up in the '80s, when Pro-Street was the thing, so that's where the build is going now," writes Patrick Hagerman, owner of Scotlea Hot Rods, and who is also apparently a doctor. The goal is to build his '65 Corvair for the road so he can drive it every day like he used to. With that in mind, the engine will be fuel-injected (read: reliable), and it won't be overly aggressive (around 350 hp). Of course, in a car as light as a Corvair, that kind of power will make it a rocket. Naturally, Patrick is putting the engine in the correct end of the car, and a super reliable 9-inch will go in the rear. Between the two is a completely custom frame of Patrick's own design, so that the Corvair won't twist into a pretzel when the pedal drops.

By The Numbers
Engine: ’96 vintage 350ci LT1
Transmission: 700-R4
Frame: dual 2x2 square tubing, 2x3 rear framerails
Front suspension: stock with Air Ride
Rear suspension: triangulated four-link, Air Ride
Brakes: Wilwood
Rear: Moser Ford 9-inch, 3.70 gears

1973 Dodge Challenger * Mike Calvert * Hahira, GA
"I have always been infatuated with older cars, especially muscle cars," writes Mike Calvert. "My fist car at 16 was a '69 Olds Cutlass. I am building a '73 Dodge Challenger now that I've been working on for three years. I hope to have it done in a couple of months." Mike picked up the Challenger because he's always been a fan of Mopar E-bodies. He passed on his first choice--a '71 AAR 'Cuda convertible, and cites the high price of entry, and the fear of cutting up something so valuable, as two really good reasons for settling on the '73 Dodge. "I consider working on the car as therapy. I've done all the work on this car myself except for the engine and trans. I taught myself to weld, sandblast, paint, fabricate, and I've loved every minute of it."

By The Numbers
Engine: 440ci Chrysler RB
Transmission: 727 Torqueflite
Suspension: stock w/heavy-duty leaf springs
Brakes: SSBC rear disc conversion
Rear: Mopar 8-inch, 3.91 gears
Wheels: Wheel Vintiques, 14x6 & 18x5
Tires: BFG 215/70R14, 25560R15

1972 Buick Skylark * Aaron Drees * Celina, OH
"My dad and I are restoring what will be my first car, which was my late grandpa's car. He always wanted it fixed, but it wasn't worth fixing," writes Aaron Drees. "That little old lady story you so often hear doesn't hold true here. [Grandpa had bought it from someone else.] Even though the odometer has 50,000 miles, the car was a complete rust bucket." After inheriting the car in 2005, Aaron got the ultimate Christmas gift from his dad, who owns Drees Paint & Body. "I received a toolbox, a D/A sander, a board sander, sandpaper, and a gallon of Duraglass. I was one happy and excited kid. My dad and I did all the bodywork ourselves." Aaron says the car is really special because of its sentimental value, and the quality time he's spent with his dad.