By The Numbers
Engine: 350ci two-barrel Buick
Chassis: all stock
Interior: “ripped seats and torn headliner”
Rear: factory 10-bolt
Wheels & Tires: “Dig the hubcaps and white stripes!”
Other: needs new wiring harness, thanks to family dog
Age of owner: 16

1957 Chevy * Jeremy Ridings * Cheboygan, MI
For the last 21 years, Jeremy Ridings has been in the aviation field, working at Hessel Airport in Hessel, Michigan. His penchant for flying, and for high-tech precision machinery is naturally reflected in Jeremy's choice of hot rods: a jet-age chic '57 Chevy, loaded with a modern fuel-injected Corvette engine. "About two years ago, my father and I were driving past a local junk yard not far from the airport, and saw this faded '57 Chevy with Rallye wheels," says Jeremy. "Of course, when you see something like that you just have to stop and ask the questions, right?" When it came time to load it up on the trailer (naturally, Jeremy bought it), the guy at the junk yard gave him an old battery, and it started right up. How's that for a good omen?

By The Numbers
Engine: ’07 Corvette LS3 crate motor
Transmission: Tremec TKO-600 five-speed
Suspension: Air Ride
Brakes: Eckler’s four-wheel disc
Rear: stock, 3.73 gears
Wheels: Billet Specialties Fast Lane
Tires: Nitto 225/40R18 & 265/35R18

1970 Chevelle * Dave Livesey * Diamond, IL
"I've always loved '70 Chevelles," writes Dave Livesey. "I got this rolling shell from my dad in Mesa, Arizona, seven years ago. I built the engine a year or two later, and worked on the car occasionally for the next six years. I will be driving it this spring!" Dave's been working on it almost every day since he first saw our article about reader projects. He got the car running a couple of weeks before sending out his letter, and actually moved it under its own power. Dave's next goal is to drive it around the block soon. Writes Dave: "I still have the big dreams for the car if I ever have a lot of extra cash lying around. Put EFI on my big-block with a T-56 trans. Maybe an 18-inch wheel tire combo like the Chevelle in your Nitto tire ad that used to be on the back cover."

By The Numbers
Engine: 454ci big-block Chevy
Cylinder heads: ported 781 castings,
Intake: Edelbrock Torker II
Cam: COMP Cams XE 268H
Carb: Holley 750 vacuum secondary
Transmission: Turbo 350 & Hughes converter
Dyno numbers: 490hp @ 5,800 rpm