By The Numbers
Engine: Olds 403 planned
Transmission: stock w/custom trans cooler
Exhaust: Flowmaster
Wheels: 15x8 & 15x10 Olds Rally (planned)
Previous car: '71 Olds Cutlass “S” sport coupe

1974 Corvette * James Wiscarson * Tracy, CA
"In 2005, the man that I thought was invincible and would never leave us passed away from a heart attack in his sleep," writes James Wiscarson. "Mom said Dad wanted me to have the Corvette. The day I put it on the trailer and took it home, my wife notified me that is was 17 years to the day that we drove it from our wedding." Since the '74 Corvette had been sitting under a cover for 15 years, James decided he was going all out in memory of dad, bringing it to a level of quality that would make them both proud. "I stripped the car and removed the body myself. I repaired the cracks and added gussets. I was going to powdercoat, but decided that POR-15 was an amazing product and would allow me to do it all." Next up is a four-bolt 383ci small-block with AFR heads.

By The Numbers
Engine: 383ci small-block planned
Cylinder heads: AFR 210cc
Power adder: "Maybe nitrous. Not sure yet."
Transmission: Turbo 400
Suspension: Global West, BPR
Wheels: Wheel Vintiques planned
Tires: BFGoodrich

1957 Chevrolet * Mark Heller * Lanark, IL
A welder and fabricator by trade for the last six years, Mark Heller is certainly prepared to take on pretty much whatever a 52-year-old classic can dish out in the way of mechanical gremlins. After a year of seeing it on the side of the road, Mark finally paid the seller a visit, and the adventure began. "All of the work to the car is being done by me in my shop," writes Mark. "The car hasn't seen the street for the last three years because of a rear axle explosion from too many burnouts." Mark planned to take it off the road just long enough to fix the grenaded rear, but things began to snowball from there. The battery is being moved, the wiring will be hidden, and there's a custom firewall block off, and new, custom-bent lines for the fuel and brakes.

By The Numbers
Engine: 355ci small-block Chevy
Transmission: Muncie four-speed
Suspension: Energy Suspension
Brakes: SSBC
Wiring: Painless Direct-Fit
Wheels: Cragar S/S
Tires: BFG 215/70R15