1965 Mercury Comet * George Teding * Oceanside, CA
"So far, I've done all the work myself, except for the machining on my 289. I grabbed some books and learned how to do the assembly. All of the body and paint work I did in my garage as well," writes owner and builder, George Teding. This was a real learning experience for him. George even learned how to weld in his driveway to complete the body repair and build the functional hood scoop. He's been watching shows like American Hot Rod and Overhaulin' for ideas. He says, "I'm on year five of a three-year project." Plans change, things happen, but George hopes to have the car done this year.

By The Numbers
Engine: 289ci small-block Ford
Transmission: C-6 automatic
Suspension: Rod and Custom Mustang II (front)
Brakes: factory-style discs (front), Explorer discs (rear)
Rear: Ford 9-inch with 3.50 gears
Wheels: American Racing Anson Sprint (15-inch)
Tires: BFG 205/60R15 & 255/60R15

1973 Mustang * Austin Moore * Anderson, IN
What a way to start out in the roddin' world. A year ago, 12-year-old Austin Moore was given this '73 Mustang as a project car, so he would have something cool to bring to high school when the time came. When his dad got it for him, it didn't run. The 351 Cleveland was beyond a squirt of starter fluid to get it going, so Austin's dad, John, helped him yank the motor, and brought it to the local machine shop, Morgan Automotive, to be rebuilt. It's now back between the fenders, with a fresh coat of Ford blue, and some shiny valve covers. Since Austin can't drive it yet, he spends a lot of his time cleaning it. He also gave it the flat black paintjob.

By The Numbers
Engine: 351ci Cleveland
Transmission: C-6
Suspension: KYB shocks
Brakes: discs (front)
Rear: Ford 9-inch
Body: flat black paint
Wheels: chrome

1966 Chevelle * Duane Fields * Fair Haven, MI
Duane Field's story is all too familiar. His progress on his '66 Chevelle has slowed because of the crummy economy in the automotive industry. He has been working on the car for four years now, and has focused on getting the body and frame as clean as possible. Duane has scraped all the rust, replaced panels, and refinished everything in black. "I built this car to be a family cruiser. My wife and I have two small boys, so we needed a big back seat and air conditioning for going out in the heat," Duane tells us. He's completed the bodywork, and has switched gears to the drivetrain. He hopes to have it all done this summer to make it out to the Woodward Dream Cruise.