1968 Camaro * Tom Tieman * Glendale, AZ
It started when the new Pontiac Solstice came out. Instead of buying one of those, Tom Tieman's son, Josh, said that for about the same amount of money, they could put together their parts-car Camaro, and make it nice, which in the end, would make it worth more. The donor Camaro was left over after it had been purchased for its engine--which had gone into Josh's Corvette. "The body was rusty in places, and we weren't sure what was beneath the paint," writes Tom. The project soon ballooned as parts and tools began sprawling all over the small garage. "As things began to roll, the plans enlarged a bit. After all, going to six-piston calipers all around isn't that much more than four-piston." Tom credits Grandpa Ike and Jeff Schwartz for helping with things big and small.

By The Numbers
Engine: 6.2L LS3
Transmission: Tremec T-56
Suspension: Schwartz Extreme Performance
Brakes: Wilwood
Rear: Winters 9-inch Ford, 3.73 gears
Wheels: Z06 Motorsports
Tires: Nitto 275/40R18, 345/30P19

Picture Perfect Award Winner

1972 Chevelle * Jim "Violation" Gollwitzer * Schaumburg, IL
Our '72 Chevelle cover car belongs to Jim "Violation" Gollwitzer. "It's the very first car I ever owned," writes Jim. "My dad bought it brand new on my 8th birthday. I even took my driver's license test in this car." Wow, how's that for provenance? Jim's dad took impeccable care of the Chevelle, and taught Jim to do the same, but back in 1983, Jim didn't understand defensive driving. "I wiped out the front end when someone pulled out in front of me. It was probably the best thing that could've happened. It was a great way to learn how to work on cars!" Jim painted the '72 right in his garage. He even cut out the stock firewall and built a new one. "This is the biggest metalwork project I've ever taken on." Keep an eye peeled--we'll be running a story when Jim gets it finished.

By The Numbers
Engine: 502ci big-block Chevy
Transmission: Turbo 400 w/trans brake
Suspension: Air Ride, PST
Brakes: Baer
Rear: Currie Ford 9-inch, 3.55 gears
Wheels: Billet Specialties SLX45 (18x8 & 18x10)
Tires: Nitto 205/45R18, 305/45R18

Mothers Picture Perfect Award
This month, in place of our normal "Hometown Hot Rodding" section, we're running our "Reader Projects Contest." In place of awarding our Mothers Picture Perfect Award to the Hometown Hot Rodding photo winner, we're bestowing that honor to the cover winner of the Reader Projects issue. This month, that goes to Jim "Violation" Gollwitzer. Congrats Jim! You'll have some fine products to maintain your homegrown paintjob. Next month, we'll resume giving the winner of "Hometown Hot Rodding" an assortment of Mothers products to keep his or her ride looking nice. Mail us a photograph or, if you're a modern guy, email us a digital image. Remember that digital images need to be 300 dpi, and the bigger the image, the larger it can run. Also, be sure to include info on the car, along with your name and address.