Sean Gustin, 29 • Gatesville, TX
Type: Chevy 383 small-block
Block: GM LT1 bored to 4.030
Oiling: Moroso high-volume pump
  and seven-quart pan
Rotating assembly: Eagle 3.750-inch
  forged crank and steel
  6.00-inch H-beam rods;
  JE 11.0:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: factory aluminum LT1 castings
  with 2.02/1.57-inch Manley valves
  and 56cc chambers ported
  to flow 291/205 cfm
Camshaft: COMP Cams 230/234-at-0.050
  hydraulic roller, .510/.540-inch lift,
  112-degree LSA
Valvetrain: COMP lifters, roller 1.6:1 rockers,
  valvesprings, and timing set
Induction: stock LT1 intake manifold,
  BBK 58mm throttle body,
  and Z06 85mm MAF sensor
Ignition: MSD Digital 6 box, coil, and plug wires
Power adders: Nitrous Outlet plate system
  jetted to 100 hp
Fuel system: stock tank,
  Mallory external fuel pump,
  ACCEL regulator,
  and SVO 36 lb/hr injectors
Exhaust: Lemons 1 7/8-inch long-tube headers,
  Hedman 3-inch X-pipe, dual Dynomax mufflers
Cooling: Meziere electric pump and stock radiator
Built By: owner
Transmission: Tremec T56 trans
  with steel 3-4 shift fork
  and carbon-fiber blocker rings;
  Fidanza aluminum flywheel,
  Spec clutch, and Hurst shifter
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch rearend
  narrowed two inches;
  Currie 35-spline axles,
  4.56:1 gears, and locker differential
Front suspension: DSE tubular control arms,
  springs, and sway bar;
  QA1 12-way adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: DSE springs,
  QA1 12-way adjustable shocks,
  Calvert Racing traction bars,
  and Competition Engineering
  subframe connectors
Brakes: Wilwood 11-inch discs
  and four-piston calipers, front;
  Wilwood 11-inch discs
  and two-piston calipers, rear
Wheels: Fikse FM/5 17x9.5, front and rear
Tires: Nitto 275/40R17 NT555, front;
  Nitto 275/40R17 drag radials, rear