This car wasn't just built for show, it was designed and modified to participate in the Targa Newfoundland Rally. Every September for the last seven years, this organization leads a couple dozen cars over 1,200 miles through the sweeping vistas and rugged coast lines of eastern and southern Newfoundland. The weather can be harsh at times, and the pace too fast and focused to be able to absorb the views surrounding the driver. This is OK for the guys, who aren't looking to go sight seeing, but looking to flaunt their car around every kind of road condition possible.

Mopar wanted in on this fun. The stocker Challenger, like nearly all production cars, would not be equipped to handle this. The Mopar team dropped in their 392-inch late-model Hemi crate motor to give it the necessary juice to drive up the mountains. Eric Vickerman, Performance Parts Engineer over at Mopar, tells us from experience: "Power is key to the competition." Their first time out to this event, with the Challenger virgin to the mountains of Canada, they took home a Second place trophy in their class. He attributes this success to the changes made in Detroit. Aside from the high-horsepower crate motor, the Challenger used a full racing-style coilover setup designed by KW and Mopar's race team. The nice thing about the Challenger is that it comes from the factory with a flat floor. Once you remove the carpet, however, you are left with an un-even, uncomfortable floor, so a second faux floor was installed to smooth it out.

You can't get this particular color on this car, but Super Sublime Green is a Mopar factory color. You may have seen it on a Viper or two--we hope it becomes a production Challenger paint option.

Owner: Mopar
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Engine size & type: 392-inch Hemi crate motor
Transmission: Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual
Performance: 540 horsepower
Front suspension: factory single wishbone with Mopar coilovers
Rear suspension: factory w/Mopar coilovers
Brakes: StopTech 15- and 14-inch rotors
Wheels & tires: SM Wheel Dyno 55, Pirelli PZero 285/35R20 tires
Paint & body: Super Sublime Green
Built by: Mopar
Vendor affiliation: Mopar
Years owned: 1