Jesse Greening of Cullman, Alabama, founded Greening Auto Company to facilitate his love for car building and turn it into a living. Though the shop's focus was mostly on the earlier cars of the 1930s and '40s, he craved building something a little more muscular. He felt the market had been saturated with first-generation Camaros; so many had been built to where it takes extreme measures to make the cars really stand out. Jesse's style was more along the simple and powerful lines. Long ago, he saw the potential of second-generation Camaros, and finally had his chance to build one. He started off with a relatively straightforward build. The clean 1971 RS got a coat of BASF's Glasurit Lamp Black paint applied by his father, Jeff, who was a huge helping hand in the build.

The custom work in the engine bay was the most notable part of the car. It housed an LS1 with custom-painted valve covers and a dual-tube intake. Jesse and his dad stretched the inner fenders toward the motor to conceal the business of the suspension. The look they were after was clean, and they got it. The interior followed the same vibe as the engine bay, taking advantage of the smooth lines of the late model.

Aside from Jesse being able to say he has had the car at SEMA, he will be showing it off at the local car shows. He looks forward to working it around the Goodguys autocross course thanks to his totally upgraded suspension and brakes. He's been working with Baer brakes for a long time, and was happy to loan them the car for SEMA.

Owner: Jesse Greening, 33
Occupation: builder and owner of Greening Auto Company
Hometown: Cullman, AL
Engine size & type: GM LS1
Transmission: GM T56 6-speed
Performance: 400 horsepower
Front suspension: DSE control arms, Bilstein shocks, Eaton springs, Belltech 2-inch drop spindles
Rear suspension: DSE Quadralink system
Brakes: Baer
Wheels & tires: Greening custom 19x8-inch and 20x10-inch wheels, Goodyear tires
Paint & body: BASF Glasurit Lamp Black by Jeff Greening
Built by: Greening Auto Company
Vendor affiliation: Baer Brakes
Years owned: 1