Daren Metropoulos is probably the world's youngest billionaire. He has a collection of pristine, unmodified, and unrestored classics, including some Boss Mustangs, split-window Corvettes, and other irreplaceable cars. Nevertheless, the poor guy wanted something a bit different to add to his collection. When someone with nearly endless funds wants the best custom car money can buy, he goes to Chip Foose. Daren brought Chip the perfect candidate for the restoration--an absolutely unmolested California-born 1970 'Cuda. Only a touch of surface rust lived under the vinyl top, but nothing that couldn't be taken care of by a 3M pad.

At SEMA, this '70 'Cuda was constantly swarmed by admirers. At every square inch, there was something special on this car. One of the major changes Mr. Foose performed was relocating the front wheels. The factory set the front wheels in an awkward position, making the nose of the car look unsupported. When you are the frame's designer, however, you can change whatever you want. Chip worked with Art Morrison to build a frame that set the wheels within the factory fender as he wished. The objective was to make it look how it should have from the factory.

To give an example of exactly how much attention to detail this car got, look at the bumpers. Together they received over 400 hours of work to get them where they are. They were sectioned and fitted against the body panels for a consistently small gap. Once they were fit, each bumper got between 12 and 16 coats of copper before being chromed. Between each coat, they leveled them with a sanding block to ensure a perfectly flat mirror-sharp finish.

The folks at Foose Designs really wanted to hang onto this car to parade around to shows, but its eager owner wants to take it home and rip it around the neighborhood.

Owner: Daren Metropoulos, 26
Occupation: real estate entrepreneur
Hometown: somewhere in Connecticut
Engine size & type: 6.4-liter late-model Hemi
Transmission: Tremec 5-speed
Performance: 433 rear-wheel horsepower
Front suspension: Corvette C-5
Rear suspension: 4-bar with Ford 9-inch rearend
Brakes: Baer 14-inch rotors, 6- and 4-piston calipers
Wheels & tires: Foose Fish Eye one-off wheels, Pirelli PZero 245/35R19, 305/35R20 tires
Paint & body: BASF Terra Cuda Brown, California Gold stripes
Built by: Foose Design
Vendor affiliation: BASF
Years owned: 1.5