After watching an episode of Rides on TLC featuring Pure Vision's 1970 Road Runner project, car enthusiast Robert Solorzano fell in love. This inspiration justified a trip from his hometown of San Francisco, California, to Pure Vision's headquarters in Simi Valley. He put down a deposit to get in line, though the waiting list was over three years long. Robert had an idea of what he wanted them to build, but was open to changes. One day, Steve Strope, owner and founder of Pure Vision, had a vision. What if the car was built as if it lived in Europe? As if the high-end engineering and style were incorporated into the cars as they were in Ferraris? Robert was more than excited about this new theme, so the research began.

Steve wanted the car to look as authentic as possible, and part of that was making it right-hand drive. The tubular control arm conversion by AlterKation replaces the torsion-bar-style suspension with dual A-arms and gives the option of rack-and-pinion steering. Of course, the rack would have to be reversed to accommodate the column on the other side. Flaming River filled the order of the column and was able to incorporate their newest product, an electric power steering unit, where the resistance is adjustable. Some models even adjust themselves as downforce increases.

On every surface and in every corner is a touch of Euro, from the Lola race car-inspired Bonspeed wheels, to the Ferrari-like intake manifold. Throughout the car, steel was replaced with aluminum to keep with the high efficiency of the exotic supercars for a weight savings of approximately 500 pounds.

Owner: Robert Solorzano, 30
Occupation: automobile aftermarket supply
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Engine size & type: 515-inch Chrysler wedge-head, all aluminum
Transmission: Passon Performance Chrysler 4-speed overdrive manual
Performance: est. 600 horsepower
Front suspension: modified front K-frame with coilovers
Rear suspension: Cestan triangulated
Brakes: Wilwood 13-inch rotors, 6- and 4-piston calipers
Wheels & tires: Bonspeed 19x9- and 19x12-inch wheels,
Pirelli PZero 255/40R19 and 345/35R19
Paint & body: BASF Glasurit custom Merlot pearl and off-white
stripes by Gold Coast Custom Inc., Ventura, CA
Built by: Pure Vision, Simi Valley, CA
Vendor affiliation: Mopar
Years owned: 10