Sally Cox of Anaheim, CA, has been dreaming of this car for years. Her husband, Greg, owns a custom plating business in Signal Hill, California, where he's been working with cars for years. Greg has a collection of cars himself, but wanted to build Sally a car of her own. Sally had her heart set on a fastback, but they are becoming harder and harder to come by, so she settled for this '67 coupe.

The inspiration came from the Shelby car that was never put into production. There was only one '67 Coupe with Shelby's name on it that acted as a prototype. This car's name was Li'l Red, coded EXP500. The car was scrapped soon after its creation, and Sally thought that was a shame. She and her husband built her Mustang as the '67 Shelby coupe that never was. They followed the Shelby style, but added their own personal touches. This Mustang, originally a six-cylinder car, received a 427 FE motor to be a little bit different. She wanted the look of the car to be as clean as possible. The engine bay is simply immaculate, with the entire engine painted a deep blue to keep you ignorant to the near 800 horsepower that lives within. They made sure to hide as much wiring as possible and keep the interior simple. The traditional four-speed shifter pokes through a factory console, but don't be fooled. The Toploader transmission wears a Gear Vendors unit on its tail, making it an overdrive and underdrive transmission.

Lucky enough to be based in Southern California, they brought the car to Chip Foose for paint and wheel design. It now wears one-off Foose Design wheels that were kept a secret to even the owner until just before the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Owner: Sally Cox, 45
Occupation: administrator
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Engine size & type: 427-inch tunnel-port Ford FE
Transmission: Ford Toploader 4-speed manual with Gear Venders
Performance: 780 horsepower
Front suspension: Total Control Products coilover kit
Rear suspension: Total Control Products G-bar coilover kit
Brakes: Baer 14-inch rotors, 6-piston calipers
Wheels & tires: Foose 500 one-off 19- and 20-inch wheels,
Pirelli PZero 245/35R19 and 265/35R20
Paint & body: Ford Vista Blue
Built by: Phillips & Co. Hot Rods, Long Beach, CA
Vendor affiliation: Gear Vendors
Years owned: 8