John Levitz is the owner of AirAid, but that position didn't get him this car. He was only a junior in high school when he attended his first car auction. There he picked up this 1966 Shelby Mustang that had been freshly restored. This car got him through high school and college, easily being one of the coolest student cars around. The Mustang came with some history; it had been featured in magazines in the first chapter of its life. With over 30,000 miles of wear put on during school, the Mustang was due for a second restoration, which would award it more space on the glossy inner pages of more magazines. The car didn't need an extreme makeover to make it special or to make it perform. From the factory, the car received many upgrades, including traction bars, disc brakes, and an extremely reliable transmission. The only major upgrade John did was to replace the tired original motor with a Ford Motorsports 487-horsepower 353-inch small-block of their IR-series engines.

Since the Shelby's restoration (which shared garage space with our very own '75 Laguna on the cover), it doesn't see commuter traffic, or late-night runs to the grocery store, but it still gets shown off to his peers. He attends the local "Cars and Coffee" get-together where car enthusiasts gather early on the weekends for a light breakfast and tons of car talk. Having his own booth at SEMA for AirAid made his car stand out in the group. When you've had a car for over 30 years like John has, it becomes more like showing off your child than your vehicle.

Owner: John Levitz
Occupation: Owner of AirAid
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Engine size & type: Roush 353 IR series, fuel injected
Transmission: '66 Ford Toploader 4-speed manual
Performance: 487 horsepower
Front suspension: modified original equipment, Koni shocks, adjustable sway bar, Total Control Products strut rods
Rear suspension: Global West springs, Koni shocks, factory traction bars
Brakes: factory equipment
Wheels & tires: PS Engineering 15-inch wheels, Goodyear 600-15 tires
Paint & body: Heath Elmer Restorations of Mesa, AZ
Built by: Heath Elmer Restorations
Vendor affiliation: AirAid
Years owned: 30+