Our second runner-up photo was a straight-up case of grand theft auto that had the potential to go horribly wrong. While car owner, Larry Simonsen, was off on vacation, his intrepid daughter got the very sweet notion to have dad's brand-new 2007 Corvette photographed for a huge 20x30 picture to be hung in her dad's office. Without any permission whatsoever, Larry's anonymous daughter "stole" the Vette and asked family friend Sean Buchar to photograph the car. "The photo shoot went very smoothly, and after taking about 120 pictures around sunset, we finally settled on this one picture as being the best," says Sean. "When her father got home and saw the final photo, he wasn't mad at her for taking the car! It turned out to be a very nice picture for the wall of his office." So the lesson learned here: Any young girls out there just itching to take a joyride in dad's new Corvette (and not get grounded) can get an easy out by documenting the theft on camera for dad's wall!

Car Owner: Larry Simonsen; Crystal Lake, IL
Photographer: Sean Buchar; Crystal Lake, IL
Camera: Canon Rebel XTi
Model: n/a
Photo location: loading dock
Engine: 6-liter LS2 V-8
Cylinder heads: factory
Camshaft: factory
Intake: factory
Carb/induction: factory EFI
Transmission: factory 6-speed
Rearend model & gearing: factory
Suspension/brakes: factory
Peak hp: 400 hp
Best ¼-mile time: n/a
Years owned: 1 year
Cost to build: $53,000

The three cars built by Bussard Performance Specialties that are in this story show the incredible range of builder/restorer Brandon Bussard. This concours restoration commissioned by owner and Pontiac enthusiast Greg Miller is stunning indeed, and is living history of the birth of muscle cars. Greg was emphatic that the restoration be thorough, right down to the chalk marks, decal stickers, and documenting paperwork. The town of Warsaw, Indiana, has an automotive performance asset of the highest order in Brandon Bussard.

Car Owner: Greg Miller; Warsaw, IN
Photographer: Ken Rieves; Ft. Wayne, IN
Camera: Canon 30D
Model: n/a
Photo location: Warsaw, IN
Engine: 389ci Pontiac Tri-Power
Cylinder heads: factory 1964 389 heads
Camshaft: factory
Intake: factory 1964 cast-iron Tri-Power
Carb/induction: factory Rochester, three 2-bbl carbs
Transmission: M-20 four-speed manual
Rearend model & gearing: factory, 3.23 gears
Suspension/brakes: factory, four-wheel drums
Peak hp: 348 hp (factory rated)
Best ¼-mile time: n/a
Years owned: 10 years
Cost to build: $30,000 (estimate)