This is, by far, the cleanest '84 Mustang we've seen. Jeremie Wagner, owner of this car, has kept it in immaculate condition. This is a special GT350 Anniversary Edition, and as such, was the subject of a lawsuit between Carroll Shelby and Ford Motor Company for use of his name on the cars. The grounds of the suit were that Ford used the GT 350 name and Shelby stripe. The whole car's package was rushed into production in time for the 20th Anniversary Edition, but apparently some of the corporate paperwork was pencil-whipped. The options included the controversial Shelby name and striping, special emblems, SVO-style door molding, dash medallion, numbered plaque, performance seats, and special TRX wheels and tires. (Try finding a set of those tires today-they're worth their weight in gold.) This Mustang was one of only 2,604 V-8 five-speed versions of the GT 350, making it a sought-after piece. This is why so many of this car's parts were left original. The owner tells us the only thing he has changed is the battery.

Car owner: Jeremie Wagner; Center Valley, PA
Photographer: Jay Albright; Orefield, PA
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XTI,
  Sigma 2.8 EXDG 24-70mm lens
Photo location: warehouse in Allentown, PA
Engine: 5.0L Ford
Cylinder heads: factory
Camshaft: factory
Intake: factory
Carb/induction: factory 4-barrel carburetor
Ignition: factory
Transmission: factory T5 5-speed
Rearend model & gearing: factory 7.5-inch housing,
  2.73 gear
Suspension/brakes: factory
Wheels: factory
Peak hp: 210 hp
Built by: Ford
Years owned: 3 years
Cost to build: n/a

It's been a long journey for owner Tim Schmidt. He purchased his Falcon in November 2002 in nearly stock, really clean condition. He put that to rest and dove in, changing nearly every part of the car while keeping it period-looking. His focus was always on performance. He had a 351 Windsor motor bored and stroked to 427 cubic inches. Villages Racing in Castaic, California, treated this block to a 4340 stoker crank, H-beam rods, Clevite bearings, Venolia pistons, COMP Cams solid roller cam, and Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads and intake. This combination set him up nicely with 455 horsepower and 489 lb-ft of torque. To manage the power, he had the frame reinforced and a Mustang II suspension with a power rack installed. Out back, a Currie 9-inch Ford rearend takes the nearly 500 lb-ft of abuse. There are countless other goodies under this car, but most notably is its performance in a not-so-obvious package.

Car owner: Tim Schmidt; San Marcos, CA
Photographer: Jenny Schmidt
Camera: Kodak
Photo location: San Marcos, CA
Engine: 351 Windsor, bored and stroked to 427 ci
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Camshaft: COMP Cams mechanical roller
Intake: Edelbrock Victor Jr. single-plane
Carb/induction: 830-cfm Holley HP
Ignition: MSD
Transmission: Automatic overdrive
Rearend model & gearing: Currie-built 9-inch Ford,
  3.70 gears
Suspension/brakes: Mustang II front suspension,
  four-link rear, disc brakes,
  under-floor master and booster
Body & paint: shaved emblems, removed antenna,
  PPG paint by Calamia Customs, Vista, CA
Peak hp: 455 hp
Built by: engine by Villages Racing of Castaic, CA
Years owned: 6 years
Cost to build: $155,000