This was the car the coolest guy in high school had, and everybody wanted a ride in. The year, model, and color are magnetic. Owner Rob Whiteman probably wasn't voted most popular, but more than likely the class clown. Though we didn't receive a letter with a story about the car, the entry form was filled with little sarcastic comments. For peak horsepower he wrote in, "not sure, but it'll fry the backs!" with a precious happy face next to it. Let's not overlook that for the "relationship to photographer" space on the entry form, he made sure to let us know he knew himself. We figure he isn't silly all the time; he mentioned his next project to tackle on the car is the suspension and brakes. With lots of power up front and big tires out back, brakes are a necessity. The style of this car is really refreshing-a great example of a clean, homebuilt street car.

Car owner: Rob Whiteman; Wataga, IL
Photographer: Rob Whiteman
Camera: Kodak Easyshare C875
Photo location: Lake Storey, IL
Engine: 455ci Pontiac
Cylinder heads: factory, with port and polish
Camshaft: Lunati .490-inch lift
Intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM
Carb/induction: 750 cfm by BIGS Performance
Transmission: Turbo 400
Rearend model & gearing: GM 12-bolt with 4.10 gears
Suspension/brakes: factory
Wheels: Weld Draglite
Tires: BFGoodrich
Built by: owner
Years owned: 2 years
Cost to build: $12,000

Hello Ladies!
We got plenty of PHR ladies answering the call to our photo contest. Some are car owners, while others got drafted into photo duty by their local gearhead (most often a relative, co-worker, or neighbor). Either way, they all look stunning, and we've put them all together in one big section for your enjoyment. As all of them found out, photo shoots with cars aren't always the glamorous job they though it was-so our special thanks go out to them for taking a bullet for the team.