It's a shame there isn't more information on Mike Fogerson's '55 Chevy Bel Air convertible, but that's what happens when the photographer fills out the tech sheet. 1955 was a memorable one for Chevrolet, as this was the model year when the all-new 265ci small-block V-8 was introduced. The engine was so good, it stayed in production in one form or another for 50 years. The box it initially came in is as timeless as the engine itself-the '55 Chevrolet. "The Hot One," as it was called in the advertising slogan that year, was an all-new car, with styling that was crisper and cleaner than anything Ford or Chrysler had to offer. Only 41,292 ragtop Bel Airs were produced in 1955, and Mike Fogerson's is one of the nicest we've seen. Photographer Steven Griffith also included some shots of Mike's '26 Ford Model T with a two-inch chop, but we got no entry form with any information. Next time, fill out all that information, Steven!

Car Owner: Mike Fogerson; Diamond, MO
Photographer: Steven Griffith; Carl Junction, MO
Camera: Canon D60
Photo location: Diamond, MO
Engine: 350ci small-block Chevy
Transmission: Turbo 350
Paint: Dodge 2006 Burnt Orange
Wheels: n/a

Nearly 20 years ago, when he sold his '64 Corvette convertible to fund the purchase of their home, John's wife promised him he could some day have another Vette. She held up her end of the deal and bought him this originally yellow '69 Corvette coupe. The project started with the blueprinted assembly of this 500-horsepower 406-inch small-block Chevy. He managed to tear the car apart in his own garage and complete the body and paintwork without outsourcing. Not many guys can pull that off. In efforts to make this car as road-friendly as possible, he rebuilt both the front and rear suspension with new bushings and ball joints. He has left the interior stock with the exception of the seatbelts, which he replaced for a much-needed five-point harness for safety. He really loves this street-legal daily driver, and his only complaint is the lack of traction-the explanation as to why he is running a 131-mph trap speed with a 13.0 e.t.

Car owner: John B. Dentinger; Chillicothe, IL
Photographer: Chad Beeman; Chillicothe, IL
Camera: Fuji S3
Photo location: Peoria, IL
Engine: 406ci small-block Chevy
Cylinder heads: Canfield, 220cc runner
Camshaft: Lunati mechanical
Intake: Dart
Carb/induction: Mighty Demon
Ignition: MSD Pro-Billet distributer, coil,
  and 6AL ignition control box
Transmission: Tremec 5-speed
Rearend model & gearing: factory with 4.10
  Richmond gears and Auburn posi
Suspension/brakes: stock suspension,
  slotted rotors, ceramic pads
Wheels: Corvette ralleys
Tires: Cooper Cobra Radial G/T
Best ¼ mile e.t.: 13.0 @ 131 mph
Built by: owner
Years of ownership: 9 years
Total invested: $12,000