’62 Ford Falcon
Ken Thompson, 61 • Denver, NC
Vehicle weight w/driver: 2,730 pounds
Type: Ford Indy Car (3.76 bore x 3.130 stroke), 278 ci
Block: vintage 1965 Ford racing block
Compression ratio: 8.3:1
Oiling: internal dry sump system
(one pressure pump, two return pumps),
rear-mounted holding tank, 15-17 quart capacity
Rotating assembly: custom 4340 billet steel
crankshaft with Honda 1.88-inch rod bearings,
Carrillo “300M” connecting rods (536 grams),
Diamond forged pistons with 12cc dome,
.927-inch cassidium-coated Chevrolet wrist pins,
steel ring packs
Cylinder heads: DOHC Ford Indy,
four valves per cylinder,
82cc combustion chambers,
Inconel 1.50/1.40-inch valves,
original Ford Indy valvesprings
Camshaft: Ford Indy Turbo camshafts
(.415-inch lift, 0 degrees overlap),
14 straight-cut spur geardrive
Valvetrain: Ford Indy followers (ex-Offenhauser),
copper O-ringed block, water and oil passages
Induction: custom aluminum plenum
intake manifolds, twin ’94 5.0L throttle bodies,
65-lb/hr injectors, Aeromotive 650-gal/hr constant
electric fuel pump at 45 psi, FAST XFi controller
programmed by Paul Powell, air-to-air intercooler
Power adder: single Turbonetics
GTK 1000 turbocharger, 29 psi
Ignition: FAST eDIST, 36 degrees total timing
(normally aspirated), 20 degrees
at 20-psi boost—fuel pressure rises
commensurate with rise in boost
Exhaust: “bundle of snakes” is 1¾-inch,
.065-wall stainless, single 5-inch dump to the turbo,
twin 3-inch dumps for custom stainless exhaust
NASCAR side-exit style, Dynomax mufflers
Redline: 9,200 rpm
Fasteners: ARP 12-point,
Carr stainless connecting rod bolts
Built by: Joey Carraccia, Denver, NC
Transmission: Tremec TKO-600 5-speed
(rated at 620 ft-lb), C6 Ford tailshaft,
0.68:1 high gear, Falcon Sprint bellhousing,
Quarter Master flywheel, pressure plate,
three 7-inch discs w/floater plates,
Tilton hydraulic throwout bearing
Driveshaft: custom 3-inch-diameter steel,
Spicer yokes
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch with custom-made
floating hubs SCCA-style, billet 4130 bearing housing,
Gleason limited-slip differential,
Quarter Master 31-spline internal,
35-spline external, 3.89:1 ring-and-pinion
Front suspension: custom chromemoly spindles,
custom chromemoly upper and lower control arms,
Aldan coilover shock absorbers
with 550-lb-in springs, NASCAR style antisway bar,
cut-down w/slip-on splined ends
Rear suspension: parallel 4-link, Watts link
centering device,
Aldan coilovers with 325-lb-in springs,
NASCAR-style adjustable antisway bar
Brakes: Alcon 13-inch discs w/6-piston calipers,
front and rear; braided lines,
twin Wilwood master cylinders w/balance bar
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: BBS forged racing,
hub-mount, 16x12, front; 16x13, rear
Tires: BFGoodrich Trans-Am rain tires,
325/35, front; 345/45, rear