Randy Johnson, 37 • Kewaskum, WI
Vehicle weight w/driver: 3,850 pounds
Type: GM LS7 displacing 427 cubic inches
(4.125 bore x 4.00 stroke)
Block: GM Gen IV aluminum
Compression ratio: 11.0:1
Oiling: Peterson Fluid Systems wet-sump system
with custom 9-quart tank,
scavenging pump, LS7 pan
Rotating assembly: 4.00-inch stroke forged tank,
sintered-forged titanium rods,
Mahle forged pistons, stock LS7 ring packs
Cylinder heads: stock LS7, CNC-ported
Camshaft: LS7 hydraulic roller,
211/230 degrees duration at .050,
.591/.591-inch lift, LS7 timing gear
Valvetrain: LS7 2.20/1.61-inch valves,
1.8:1 LS7 rocker arms, pushrods, valvesprings
Induction: LS7 composite intake manifold,
90mm throttle body,
D&Z Customs air intake tube,
K&N element
Power adder: none
Ignition: LS7, remote-mount coils,
Speartech Engineering controller and harness
Exhaust: Stainless Works headers
modified by D&Z Customs,
1 3/4-inch primaries, 3-inch collectors, X-pipe,
Stainless Works three-chamber
“turbo” mufflers, 3-inch exhaust,
custom side outlets by D&Z
Fasteners: ARP
Built by: GM Race Group
Transmission: Rockland Standard Gear
“Son of Tranzilla” Tremec six-speed,
’06 Z06 clutch assembly, Hurst shifter
Driveshaft: Coleman Racing aluminum
Rear axle: Winters Performance center
axlehousing, Coleman Racing tubes,
31-spline Chester axles,
Randy’s Ring & Pinion third member,
RR&P Yukon limited-slip differential,
4.11:1 ring-and-pinion
Front suspension: Schwartz Extreme Performance
chassis, tubular upper and lower control arms,
Coleman Racing spindles, QA1 adjustable coilovers
with 450-lb springs, Coleman Racing splined
antisway bar with Speedway Engineering end links
Rear suspension: modified four-link
(top bars angled towards center of car),
QA1 adjustable coilovers with 300-lb springs,
custom splined antisway bar by D&Z Customs
Brakes: Wilwood 14-inch rotors,
six-piston calipers, front;
Wilwood 13.5-inch rotors,
four-piston calipers, rear
Wheels: Kinesis K18 18x9.5, front; 18x12, rear
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
275/35ZR18, front; 335/30ZR18, rear