The interior is vintage Pantera, with a few exceptions. Dan ditched the heavy air-conditioning unit and filled the empty vent holes with Auto Meter gauges. The seats were replaced with supportive Sparco units, and a full harness system keeps the occupants firmly anchored in place. It's simple and functional with the feel of a fighter cockpit.

So what do you do with a 2,900- pound car that has 600-plus horsepower on tap without even touching the nitrous? Simple, you drive it. Dan can often be found prowling the boulevards in Phoenix, and attending events in the area. He is also using it to instill a love of cars in his two sons, Memphis (age 6), and Atley (age 4). "They show a deep appreciation of cars for their age, and the excitement in their eyes and smiles on their faces make it worthwhile when we take it out," says Dan. If we had access to Dan's ride, we'd be all smiles too.