By The Numbers
'71 Pantera
Dan Graham, 37 * Mesa, AZ
Total cost to build: approx. $65,000
Color: Nissan 350Z Daytona Blue
Horsepower: 654 hp at 6,100 rpm (6 lbs of boost)
Weight: 2,900 lbs without driver

Type: 351 Cleveland small-block
Block: 1971 Cleveland
Compression ratio: 10:1
Bore .030 over stock (357 cubic inch)
Oiling: high-volume pump
Cylinder heads: Boss 351 closed-chamber 4V
Camshaft: .560/.560-inch lift
  and 244/244-degrees duration
  at .050 inch
Rocker arms: COMP 1.74 ratio big-block Chevy
Carburetor: Holley 950 HP blower carb
Power adder: B&M 174 Roots
Nitrous system: NOS two-stage,
  one plate and one multi-port
Ignition: MSD 6 with billet distributor
Exhaust: Hall Pantera with Dynomax bullets
Assembly: Joe Martin Racing Engines,
  Scottsdale, AZ
Machine work: Basko Racing Engines,
  Gilbert, AZ
Transmission: Les Gray prepped ZF transaxle
  with 4.22 gears
Clutch: Centerforce dual-friction
Suspension: Group 4 coilovers
Sway bars: Hall Pantera units
Brakes: factory Pantera units
Brakes: Wilwood 10.75-inch discs
  with four-piston calipers, front;
  Ford 11-inch drums, rear
Wheels: Factory Pantera, 17x13, rear; 17x11, front
Tires: 335/30R17 Kuhmo, rear;
  285/40R17 Kuhmo, front