Rick invited us down to the Gear Vendors company headquarters in El Cajon, California (near San Diego), where his crew installed one in our Street Sweeper '68 Chevelle project car. What's interesting to note is that a Gear Vendors installation is remarkably simple. Even with photos, we were out in about five hours. (Try that with a five-speed manual swap.) But you don't have to go to Cali to get one installed-there are certified Gear Vendors installation facilities all over the country. (You can check the Web site or call to find one in your neck of the woods.) In fact, in order to sell a Gear Vendors overdrive, a retailer must be a qualified installation center for the entire Gear Vendors product line.

The short of it: For just under $2,600, you can get a kit for your Turbo 400-equipped GM A-body. Another $750 or so gets it installed for you (it's about $100 less for Camaros and Firebirds), which also includes the cost of shortening your driveshaft. Many Gear Vendors kits are available for Ford and Mopar musclecars, too, and that includes kits for four-speed manuals. While we were there, we got the chance to sample a late-model C5 Corvette, a '32 Ford street rod, and a '56 Chevy truck with a Gear Vendors overdrive, and they were all just as fun to drive.