By The Numbers
'63 Pontiac Tempest Lemans
Brad Hillebrand * Elmhurst, IL
Vehicle weight w/driver: 3,800 pounds

Type: big-block Chevy displacing 522ci
  (4.560 bore x 4.00 stroke)
Block: Dart Big M low-deck
Compression ratio: 8.8:1
Oiling: custom Billet Fabrications 7-quart oil pan
  and oiling system
Rotating assembly: 4.00-inch stroke Cola 4340 crank,
  Oliver billet rods, JE custom pistons,
Hellfire rings
Cylinder heads: Brodix Big Duke PB1802,
  oval intake ports,
91cc combustion chamber volume,
456cc intake ports,
CNC-milled combustion chambers,
“turbo” valve job
Camshaft: COMP mechanical roller,
  252/256 degrees duration at .050-inch,
  .715-inch lift, 115-degree lobe separation,
  Jesel beltdrive timing gear
Valvetrain: 2.400-inch titanium intake/1.900-inch
  Inconel exhaust valves,
1.7:1 T&D Machine shaft rocker system,
3/8-inch Smith Brothers pushrods,
dual valvesprings
Induction: Hogan individual-runner
  intake manifold, twin BBK 62mm throttle bodies,
160lb/hr fuel injectors,
S&B tapered-cone w/7x12-inch element,
Product Engineering dual-stage fuel pump,
Aeromotive pressure regulator,
Moroso vacuum pump and tank
Power adder: twin Innovative 76mm
  turbochargers (5-32 psi boost),
Innovative Indy wastegates
and electronic boost controller,
Ron Davis air-to-air intercooler
Ignition: Electromotive Tec3R EMS,
  60-tooth crank-trigger ignition system,
ACCEL 8.8mm primary wires
Exhaust: Nelson custom-built turbo stands
  and manifolds, Lemons Headers,
4-inch stainless exhaust system,
Lemons collector mufflers
Fasteners: ARP
Built by: Nelson Supercars, Chatsworth, CA
Transmission: A1 Turbo 400, 3,500-rpm stall speed,
  9-inch Winters Racing converter,
  B&M cooler, Winters Racing shifter
Driveshaft: chrome-moly steel
Rear axle: Currie 9-inch, Strange third member,
  locker differential, 4.10:1 ring-and-pinion,
built by Jim Cook at
Performance Differential, Ontario, CA
Front suspension: full tube frame
  (7.50 certification), tubular upper
and lower control arms,
Aldan Eagle coilover shock absorbers
Rear suspension: 4-link with Aldan Eagle
  coilover shock absorbers
Brakes: Wilwood 12-inch disc, front;
  Wilwood 12-inch disc, rear
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: Centerline Convo Pro
  15x4.5, front; 15x14, rear
Tires: M/T Sportsman 26x7.50-15, front;
  M/T ET Street 32x17.50-15, rear