By The Numbers

’79 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Heath Elmer • Mesa, AZ
Vehicle weight w/driver: 3,695 lbs.
Type: Chevrolet displacing 355 cubic inches
(4.030 bore x 3.480 stroke)
Block: GM Gen I 350
Compression ratio: 10.3:1
Oiling: powdercoated Milodon six-quart pan,
stock oiling system
Rotating assembly: 3.850-inch stroke Scat cast crank,
5.700-inch Scat forged I-beam rods, forged flat-top
pistons, Total Seal rings, ATI Super damper
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock RPM,
64cc combustion chambers,
ported by Joe Martin
Camshaft: Edelbrock RPM hydraulic flat tappet,
244 degrees duration @ .050-inch,
.510-inch lift, COMP timing gear
Valvetrain: 2.02/1.60-inch valves,
1.6:1 COMP Pro Magnum roller rocker arms,
COMP pushrods, COMP valvesprings
Induction: Edelbrock Air-Gap intake,
Speed Demon 650-cfm w/mechanical secondaries,
’70 Z28 dual-snorkel air cleaner,
Airaid element, 130-gph Holley fuel pump,
Aeromotive regulator, Prolite hoses and fittings
Power adder: NOS Cheater 150,
installed and tuned by Joe Martin
Ignition: MSD Pro Billet distributor,
Digital 6 box, Blaster coil, Taylor 8.5mm wires,
14 degrees initial, 36 total timing,
Optima battery, CSR mini-starter
Exhaust: HPC-coated Hedman JR headers,
1 5/8-inch primary pipes, 3.0-inch collectors,
Flowmaster ball-and-seat flanges,
2.5-inch mandrel-bent system,
X-pipe, Borla stainless steel mufflers
Fasteners: ARP
Built by: Basko, Gilbert, AZ (short-block)

Transmission: Tremec TKO-600 five-speed,
Centerforce 10.4-inch Dual Friction clutch assembly,
CMG/Hurst shifter
Driveshaft: Chrome-moly steel by Inland Empire
Rear axle: GM 10-bolt, ARP 1/2-inch wheel studs,
Posi-traction differential, Moser axles,
3.73:1 ring-and-pinion
Front suspension: OE upper and lower
control arms, stock spindles,
QA1 coilover w/single-adjustable shocks,
Hotchkis 1 3/8-inch sway bar
Rear suspension: stock F41 leaf springs,
QA1 adjustable shock absorbers,
Competition Engineering Slide-A-Link bars
Brakes: Baer Sport 12-inch, front;
Baer Iron Sport 11.65-inch, rear
Wheels: Vintage Wheel Works V40
17x 8, front; 17x9.5, rear
Tires: Nitto NT555 245/45ZR17,
front; 285/40ZR17, rear