1970 Chevelle: $800
Paint and bodywork: $3,500
Motor: $4,500
Rear axle: $250
Rear-end rebuild kit: $148
Hood, fenders, one door: $350
Driver's door: n/c
NOS quarter panels plus installation: $1,000
Rims and tires: $1,700
1150-cfm Dominator rebuild: $602
Front suspension parts and antisway bar:... $509
Tubular control arms: $649
Front springs: $129
Mufflers: $171
Engine dyno time: $400
Exhaust system: $188
Eight-point rollcage plus installation: $700
Emblems and exterior trim: $141
6AL box: n/c
Distributor and coil: $304
Adjustable rear control arms: $418
Battery: $119
Rear springs: $148
3,500-rpm stall converter: $273
Shock absorbers, front/rear: $296
Transmission shift kit: $214
Transmission cooler, fittings: $105
Nitrous oxide injection system: $489
Aluminum radiator: $179
Electric fuel pump: $200
Fuel pump fittings, regulator: $219
Starter: $199
Total: $18,900


1970 Chevrolet Chevelle
Monte Dinnell • Fox Lake, Ill.
Vehicle weight w/driver: 3,750 pounds
Type: Chevrolet displacing 540 cubic inches
  (4.500 bore x 4.250 stroke)
Block: 1996 GM Gen 4, bored, honed,
  align-bored, O-ringed for nitrous
Compression ratio: 13.2:1
Oiling: Moroso drag race 6-7 quart oil pan,
  Melling pump
Rotating assembly: Eagle 4340 4.250-inch stroke
  forged crank, Eagle 4340 6.385-inch rods,
  and Ross-forged pistons/pins,
  Childs & Albert file-fit ring packs
Cylinder heads: Dart aluminum rectangular port,
  ported and polished by Total Flow Products,
  Ferrea titanium 2.32/188-inch valves
Camshaft: Crower mechanical roller;
  286-degrees duration at .050, .731-inch lift;
  Cloyes double-roller timing set
Valvetrain: Crower triple valve springs;
  COMP 3/8-inch pushrods;
  Pro Magnum 1.7:1 rocker arms;
  COMP retainers, guides. and locks
Induction: ported Edelbrock Victor 454 R
  intake manifold, Pro Systems Nitrous IV
  1150 Dominator carburetor,
  Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and filters,
  AN -10 lines
Power adder: NOS Big Shot plate;
  adjustable 200-400hp, purge valve
  and shutoff switch; Holley blue Pump;
  AN -8 lines; Fram fuel filter
Ignition: MSD Pro Billet distributor,
Digital 6AL box, Blaster coil, 33 degrees total timing
Exhaust: Hooker Pro Comp headers,
  2 1/8-inch primary pipes, 3-inch collector,
  Flowmaster mufflers,
  Torque Tech 3-inch exhaust system w/stainless tips
Fasteners: ARP
Built by: FastTimes Motorworks
  in Morton Grove, Ill.

Transmission: 1970 Turbo 350, heavy duty clutches
  and gears, manual valve body, B&M 9-inch torque
  converter, 3,800-rpm stall speed, Hurst Quarter
  Stick shifter, B&M fluid cooler, built by Dan Tinkes
Driveshaft: custom steel, 4340 1350-series yokes,
  built by R.A. Adams Enterprises in McHenry, Ill.
Rear axle: Strange Engineering Ultimate 12,
  Posi-traction differential, 4.10:1 ring-and-pinion,
  Strange aluminum cover
Front suspension: Heidt’s 2-inch drop spindles;
  Classic Performance Products tubular upper and
  lower control arms; CPP tie rods, center link, idler,
  and pitman arms; Hotchkis lowering springs;
  Bilstein shock absorbers; CPP 1 ¼-inch antisway bar
Rear suspension: Hotchkis lowering springs;
  Edelbrock adjustable upper control arms,
  boxed lower control arms;
  Bilstein shock absorbers; CPP 1-inch antisway bar
Brakes: Wilwood mid-’70s Corvette 12-inch discs,
  drilled and slotted front; stock 11-inch drums, rear
Wheels: American Racing Classics
  17x8, front; 17x11, rear
Tires: Sumitomo 245/45ZRx17, front;
  Sumitomo 315/35ZR17, rear