1966 Ford Mustang: $6,000
Paint & body: $6,500
Wheels: $1,000
Tires: $600
Engine block (buddy supplied): $0
Rotating assembly: $1,500
Rings and bearings: $250
Machining: $500
Cam: $300
Lifters: $70
Pushrods: $40
Rockers: $225
Timing set: $50
Cylinder heads: $1,200
Intake manifold: $225
Carburetor: $450
Distributor (buddy supplied): $0
Ignition box: $150
Plug wires: $60
Nitrous: $1,200
Oil pan: $325
Oil pump: $30
Gaskets: $250
Headers: $700
Mufflers/collectors: $200
Fuel system: $800
Radiator: $500
Water pump: $60
Cooling fan: $200
Trans: $2,500
Shifter: $60
Rear end: $1,500
Rear suspension: $500
Front suspension: $100
Brakes: $1,000
Seats: $0
Gauges: $1,000
Total: $30,045


Curtis Horne, 42 • Valley View, Tex.
Best 1/4-mile e.t.: 10.57 @ 128
Total cost to build: $30,045
Type: Ford 347ci small-block
Block: production 302-block bored to 4.030 inches
Oiling: Melling oil pump,
GT350 cast aluminum pan
Rotating assembly: Scat 3.400-inch forged crank
and 5.40-inch steel rods;
forged 10.2:1 JE pistons
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
aluminum castings w/2.05/1.60-inch valves
Camshaft: Cam Research 232/238-at-.050
hydraulic roller, .555-inch lift, 110-degree LSA
Valvetrain: Ford Racing lifters,
double-roller timing set,
1.6:1 roller rockers
Induction: Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake manifold,
BG Mighty Demon 650-cfm carburetor,
Wilson tapered spacer
Ignition: Mallory distributor;
MSD 6AL ignition box, coil,
and timing retard box
Fuel system: Aeromotive pump,
filter, regulator
Exhaust: Ford Racing stepped 1 ?- to 1 ¾-inch
long-tube headers, Dr. Gas 3-inch X-pipe,
Hooker mufflers
Power adder: NOS direct-port nitrous system
with auxiliary enrichment fuel cell
Cooling: Griffin radiator,
Edelbrock water pump,
Derale electric fan
Output: 520 rear-wheel horsepower
at 6,500 rpm and 500 lb-ft at 4,800 rpm
Built by: Charles Machine in Arlington, Tex.
Transmission: g-force five-speed transmission,
McLeod bellhousing, B&M Pro shifter,
Ram heavy-duty clutch and billet flywheel
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch rear end,
Moser 31-spline axles, Detroit Locker differential
Front suspension: stock replacement springs,
Competition Engineering shocks
Rear suspension: stock replacement leafs,
Calvert Racing traction bars,
Rancho adjustable shocks,
Mustangs Plus subframe connectors
Brakes: SSBC 11-inch slotted rotors
and 2-piston calipers, front; stock drums, rear
Wheels: American Racing Hopster
17x8, front (4.75-inch backspacing);
17x8, rear (4.75-inch backspacing)
Tires: Yokohama 225/45R17, front;
245/45R17, rear