By The Numbers
'65 Mercury Comet Cyclone
Dave Zizzo, 59 * Hartford, WI

Type: Ford 347 small-block (4.03-inch bore x 3.40-inch stroke)
Block: factory Boss 302, bored .030-inch over
Oiling: Melling high-volume oil pump, Canton pan
Rotating assembly: Eagle 3.400-inch forged crank, Eagle 5.400-inch steel rods, forged 10.0:1 JE pistons
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum castings
Camshaft: COMP 230/236-at-.050 hydraulic roller, .519/.523-inch lift, 112-degree LSA
Valvetrain: Crower 1.6:1 stainless steel rockers, Cloyes timing set, Crane valvesprings
Induction: Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold, Holley 750-cfm carb
Ignition: MSD distributor and 6AL box
Exhaust: Doug's 1 5/8-inch headers, custom 2.5-inch collectors, dual Edelbrock mufflers
Cooling: Edelbrock water pump, Griffin aluminum radiator
Output: 432 hp at 4,700 rpm and 452 lb-ft at 5,700 rpm
Built by: Motor Madness (Hartford, WI)
Transmission: Ford Top Loader four-speed manual trans, Centerforce clutch, Hurst shifter
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch rearend, 3.55:1 gears, Traction-Lok differential
Front suspension: stock replacement Mustang springs, Edelbrock shocks, custom 1-inch sway bar
Rear suspension: Dearborn Classics leaf springs, Edelbrock shocks, CalTracs traction bars, Crites subframe connectors
Brakes: Kelsey-Hayes four-piston discs, front; stock drums, rear
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: American Racing Torq-Thrust II 15x6, front; 15x8, rear
Tires: Goodyear 215/65R15, front; 255/60R15, rear