1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2
W-30, complete: $18,000
Rebuilt engine with new parts: $3,200
Rebuilt TH400 transmission: $400
10-inch Dynamic torque converter: $900
Differential: $350
Front coil springs: $218
Rear coil springs: $178
Flowmaster 40 mufflers and exhaust system: $400
Wheels and tires (used): $600
Total: $24,246
’70 W-30 4-4-2 Oldsmobile
Dan Kroll • Long Grove, IL
Vehicle weight w/driver: 3,950 lbs
Best quarter-mile e.t.: 12.25
Type: Oldsmobile displacing 455 ci (4.126 bore x 4.250 stroke)
Block: 1970 Olds 455
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Oiling: stock six-quart oil pan, stock oiling system
Rotating assembly: 4.250-inch stroke forged crank, W-30 rods, and W-30 forged pistons
Cylinder heads: 1965 “A” castings, 80cc combustion chambers, 2.072-inch intake and 1.710-inch exhaust valves, prepped by Mike Miller at Rocket Engineering (Arlington Heights, IL)
Camshaft: Bill Trovato special, specs proprietary
Valvetrain: COMP 1.6:1 steel roller rocker arms, hardened 3/8-inch pushrods, stock valvesprings
Induction: unmodified W-30 intake manifold and cold-air induction, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, electric fuel pump
Power adder: none
Ignition: stock distributor and coil, 36 degrees total timing
Exhaust: Hooker Super Comp headers, 2x32-inch primary pipes, 3.5-inch collectors, 3-inch exhaust system, Flowmaster 40 mufflers
Fasteners: stock
Built by: Mike Glasby at P.C. Auto (Wheeling, IL)
Transmission: 1970 Oldsmobile M40 TH400 by Frank Lupo, stock ratios, Dynamic 10-inch torque converter, 3,800 stall, stock cooler and shifter
Driveshaft: stock
Rear axle: 1970 Oldsmobile 12-bolt built by Mike Glasby, posi-traction differential, Richmond Gear 4.10:1 ring-and-pinion, stock axles
Front suspension: stock spindles, Moroso drag springs w/1.5 coils removed, Competition Engineering 90/10 shocks, anti-sway bar removed
Rear suspension: stock springs, Lakewood 50/50 shock absorbers, Air Lift bag in right side, anti-sway bar removed
Brakes: 1970 Oldsmobile W-30, 10.88-inch disc, front; stock 9.5x2.00-inch drum, rear
Wheels: Weld Rod-Lite 15x4.0, front; 15x10, rear
Tires: M/T ET Front 28.0/4.5-15, front; M/T ET Street Radial 275/60R15, rear