Chuck Hamly, 40 • Springfield, VA
Total cost to build: $85,000
Vehicle weight: 3,900 lbs.
Chassis dyno numbers: 613 hp and 598 lb-ft of torque

Type: Pontiac 400 small-block
Rotating assembly: Forged crank, JE forged pistons, 8.5:1
Cylinder heads: Pontiac 5C iron heads with 101cc chambers, 2.11-inch intake and 1.77-inch exhaust valves
Camshaft: COMP .508/.480-inch lift, 240/231 duration @ .050
Valvetrain: COMP pushrods, Harland Sharp roller rockers, COMP lifters
Induction: Holley Torker II intake, modified for fuel injection
Ignition: MSD 6-AL
Power adder: ATI ProCharger P600B, 11 pounds of boost
Fuel system: Weldon pump and regulator feeding custom fuel rail and injector system
Exhaust: Hooker headers, Flowmaster mufflers, entire system Jet-hot coated
Cooling: BeCool aluminum radiator, Perma-Cool 14-inch fans, electric water pump
Built by: Chuck Hamly

Transmission: TH400
Torque converter: B&M 10-inch, 2,800-rpm stall
Trans cooler: Moroso
Rear axle: Pontiac, 3.90 gears, Moser axles narrowed 2 inches
Front suspension: modified Hotchkis upper control arms, Fatman lower arms, Baer tall B-body spindles
Rear suspension: Global West control arms
Springs and shocks: HO Racing springs and Koni adjustable shocks
Brakes: Baer Trac kit, 13.25-inch, front; 13-inch, rear

Wheels: custom Boyd wheels; 18x8, front; 20x10, rear, with 4-inch backspace
Tires: Yokohama AVS Sport 235/40R18, front; 275/35R20, rear