1965 Plymouth Belvedere: $2,500
Paint & body: $250
Wheels: $1,300
Tires: $500
Stock 440 short-block: $125
Pistons, rings, bearings: $400
Machining: $140
Cam: $225
Lifters: $100
Pushrods: stock
Rockers: stock
Timing set: $150
Cylinder heads: $1,200
Intake manifold: $1,000
EFI system: $500
Plug wires: $45
Turbos: $600
Wastegates: $225
Blow-off valve: $5
Throttle body: $35
MAP sensor: $80
Injectors: $100
Oil pan: stock
Oil pump: stock
Gaskets: $100
Headers: $60
Mufflers/collectors: $150
Fuel system: $450
Radiator: $25
Water pump: stock
Cooling fan: $25
Trans: $150
Converter: stock
Shifter: included w/trans
Rearend: stock
Rear suspension: stock
Front suspension: $250
Brakes: $2,300
Seats: $25
Gauges: $300
Total: $13,315

By The Numbers

’65 Plymouth Belvedere
Kevin Alexander, 36 • Irving, TX
Total cost to build: $13,315
Type: Chrysler 446ci big-block
Block: Chrysler block bored to 4.350 inches
Oiling: Milodon oil pump, stock pan
Rotating assembly: stock crank and rods;
forged 8.7:1 Speed-Pro pistons
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock Performer
aluminum castings
with 2.14/1.88-inch valves
Camshaft: COMP 236/232-at-0.050 hydraulic roller,
.474/.483-inch lift, 112-degree LSA
Valvetrain: COMP Magnum lifters,
Pete Jackson gear drive timing set,
stock rockers
Induction: Weiand tunnel ram intake manifold
with custom plenum and injector bungs,
dual 58mm Ford throttle-bodies,
Vortech intake elbow
Ignition: Electromotive distributor-less ignition,
ACCEL plug wires
Fuel system: Electromotive stand-alone EFI system,
55-lb/hr injectors, stock tank,
Vortech T-Rex inline pump, custom fuel rails,
Mallory regulator and filter
Exhaust: custom 2-inch log-style
turbo headers and down pipes
Power adder: twin Garrett 60mm turbos
with 60mm T4 compressor wheels
and Turbonetics T3 Stage III turbines
(.96 A/R); TiAL wastegates
Cooling: stock water pump,
’74 Chrysler New Yorker radiator,
’90 Nissan Maxima electric fans
Output: 657 rear-wheel hp
and 742 rear-wheel torque on 17 psi of boost
through carb; 456 rear-wheel hp and
490 rear-wheel torque on 7 psi with EFI
Built by: Kevin Alexander

Transmission: Chrysler TorqueFlite 727 trans,
stock converter, B&M Mega shifter
Rear axle: Chrysler 8 3/4-inch rear,
stock axles, 3.23:1 gears, Sure Grip diff
Front suspension: rebuilt stock components
with ’69 Plymouth Road Runner K-member
and ’80 Dodge Diplomat spindles
Rear suspension: stock with owner-built
Super Stock-style leaf springs
Brakes: AMG 14.2-inch rotors and 8-piston calipers,
front; TSM 11.75-inch discs, rear
Wheels: Boyd Coddington Smoothie II
18x8, front; 18x10, rear
Tires: Nitto NT555
245/45R18, front; 295/45R18, rear