By The Numbers'73 Plymouth DusterMatt Delaney, 48 * Shreveport, LouisianaVehicle weight with driver: 3,500 poundsBest ET: 9.50 at 140 mphTotal cost to build: $25,421

Type: Dodge displacing 501 ci
  (4.380 bore by 4.150 stroke)
Block: 2004 Mopar Performance Crate Engine
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Oiling: Milodon low-profile eight-quart oil pan,
  windage tray
Rotating assembly: 4.150-inch stroke forged crank,
  forged H-beam rods, cast flat-top pistons
Cylinder heads: Mopar Stage VI CNC-ported
  aluminum, 2.25/1.81 valves
Camshaft: Mopar hydraulic, .550-inch lift,
  245 duration at .050
Induction: BDS 6-71 intake manifold,
  Barry Grant King Demon RS 1,275 cfm carb,
  Billet Specialties air cleaner
Power-adder: Whipple 3300 supercharger
Ignition: MSD Pro Billet distributor,
  Digital 6 box, 34 degrees total timing
Exhaust: Hensley Racing, 3-inch exhaust system,
  Edelbrock RPM mufflers
Fasteners: ARP
Built by: Mopar Performance
Transmission: 1969 727 TorqueFlite,
  bolt-in sprag, aluminum drum, manual valvebody,
  Hughes Performance 10-inch torque converter,
  3,000-stall, B&M cooler, Turbo Action shifter, Gear Vendors Overdrive
Driveshaft: custom steel, 4340 1350-series yokes
Rear axle: ’69 Dana 60 housing
  narrowed 8 inches, clutch-type differential, 4.10:1 gears
Front suspension: stock spindles,
  aluminum strut rods, and tie-rod link;
  .88-inch torsion bars; QA1 adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: four-link,
  Strange Engineering coilovers
Brakes: Wilwood 12-inch disc, front;
  stock drum, rear
Wheels: Weld Drag Star 15x7, front;
  15x12, rear
Tires: Michelin 205/65R15, front;
  Hoosier Pro Street Radial 31.0/16.5R-15LT, rear

"It's amazing how much you can get done with a case of beer. When you've got it, all kinds of friends come around to help. In the hot-rodding world, it's a separate currency..." - Johnny Hunkins