By The Numbers

'64 Fairlane 500Greg Vesely, 54 * Mesa, AZColor: Wimbledon WhiteRear-wheel horsepower: 581 hp at 5,500 rpm and 543 ft-lb at 5,500 rpm (91 octane)Weight: 3,300 pounds

Type: 351 Windsor
Block: Dart Windsor iron block, 374 ci
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Bore: 4.125-inch
Stroke: 3.50-inch
Oiling: Canton pan
Rotating assembly: Scat forged crank,
  Scat H-beam rods,
  Ross forged pistons
Cylinder heads: Air Flow Research
  205 aluminum heads
Camshaft: Cam Motion hydraulic roller
  (.557/.541-inch lift,
  228/225-degrees duration
  at .050-inch, 115 LSA)
Valvetrain: Pro Power pushrods and rockers
Induction: Trick Flow Specialties box
Fuel pump: Aeromotive fuel system
Power-adder: twin 59mm Garrett turbos
  with Turbonetics wastegates
  and air-to-air intercooler
Ignition: MSD digital 7 with HVCII coil
Exhaust: custom headers and exhaust
Built by: Duffee Motorsports, Glendale, AZ
Transmission: ’96 Ford AOD-E
  with Baumann controller
Converter: 2,800-stall by Precision Industries
Shifter: stock column shifter with custom linkage
Rear axle: Currie 9-inch, Richmond 3.70 gears,
  Daytona pinion support,
  Traction-Lock posi