Without even trying, Rafel has co-authored a short essay on how to get great speed for little money by simply filling out a techsheet about his car. The theme of resourcefulness that repeatedly manifests itself from bumper to bumper probably atones for the car's rough edges to any reasonable judge. Oh wait, there is no front bumper, but by now you probably don't care. It suits the car's street thug persona just fine.

Where The Money Went
Knocking on the 9-second window for $20K is pretty impressive in anyone's book, but even more so with a First Gen Camaro. And that's a real-deal figure without a load of freebies skewing the numbers on the low side. Rafel's great at snagging good deals on used parts and fabbing parts in his garage, which accounts for most of the low-buck items. Of the little money that went into the project, here's how it was spent.

1967 Camaro $2,500 (1998)
Paint and body $3,500
12-bolt, rear leafs, rear shocks $1,500
Traction bars $0
Aerospace discs $500
QA1 front coilovers $400
Custom rollbar $800
GM TH350 $1,100
ATI converter $500
Used 502 short-block $800
Machine work $1,300
Lunati cam $300
Crane lifters $300
Lunati pistons $550
Rings and bearings $300
Lunati timing set $150
Fel-Pro gaskets $150
GM 049 heads $1,200
Lunati valvesprings $150
Lunati rockers $200
BLP pushrods $50
Moroso oil pan $170
Dart intake $200
Hooker headers $150
Fuel system $1,500
Airscoop $0
Racing buckets $60
Lukovich driveshaft $400
Griffin radiator $300
Weiand water pump $100
Wheels and tires $600
Misc. interior trim $300
Total: $20,030

By The Numbers
'67 Chevy Camaro
Rafel Wlazlo * League City, TX
Rearwheel horsepower: 626 hp at 6,200 rpm
Best ET: 10.08 at 133 mph
Total cost to build: $20,000

Type: 502 Chevy big-block, 4.467-inch bore
Block: Factory GM
Oiling: Moroso pump and pan
Rotating assembly: cast GM 4.000-inch crank,
cast GM 6.135-inch rods,
forged 10.0:1 Lunati pistons
Cylinder heads: ported GM 049 iron castings,
2.19/1.88-inch stainless steel valves,
113cc chambers
Camshaft: Lunati 252/263-at-0.050 hydraulic roller,
.612/.611-inch lift, 110-degree LSA
Valvetrain: Crane lifters, Lunati springs
and 1.7:1 rockers
Induction: Dart intake manifold, 1-inch open spacer,
Barry Grant 1,000-cfm carburetor
Exhaust: Hooker 2-inch headers, custom X-pipe
with 3.5-inch collectors,
dual MagnaFlow mufflers
Cooling: Griffin radiator,
Weiand Team G water pump,
Jeg’s electric fan
Output: 626hp at 6,200 rpm,
627 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm
Built by: Rafel Wlazlo
Transmission: Mike Kurtz-built TH350,
ATI 2,500-stall converter,
manual valvebody, Hurst shifter
Rear axle: GM 12-bolt rearend,
Moser 33-spline axles, 3.73:1 gears, spool
Front suspension: QA1 coilovers,
Energy Suspension bushings,
sway bar delete
Rear suspension: Calvert monoleafs,
Strange adjustable shocks,
custom subframe connectors and traction bars
Brakes: Aerospace 11-inch discs,
front; stock drums, rear
Wheels: Bogart Dragonfly Star 15x3.5
(2.25-inch backspace), front;
15x10 (5.5-inch backspace), rear
Tires: Hoosier 26x7.5x15, front;
Hoosier 28x13.5x15, rear