Back in our November 2006 issue, we asked you to tell us about your affordable dream cars. The criteria was that it had to be cool and it had to be put together for under 25 grand, including the car and paint.

We said pretty much anything goes: pro-touring, street/strip, cruiser, late-model, restomod--it didn't matter to us. When the dust settled, we sorted through the stack, pulled out the ones with below-par photos, and eliminated the ones with less-than-realistic claims. The seven you see here are the ones who made the cut. They're listed in no particular order, except the first car. We liked Chris Williams' car (and his unique story) so much, we'll be doing a full-blown feature on his '75 Trans Am in the next issue.

Since stories like this inevitably bring the Internet to a boil with wild tales of 10-second street cars built from bailing wire, chewing gum and pocket change, we're gonna give you one more chance to tell us about the cousin of your buddy who knew a guy who did wheelies on the street with a '68 Nova he built for $300. (And if you have any photos of Sasquatch, we'll print those too.) Just send us a one-page cover letter with your car's story, another page with a detailed rundown of the speed parts, and a CD with enough photos to prove it exists. Copies of time slips and dyno sheets help too. We promise to print all the legit ones we get. Send them to: Primedia, Attn: Johnny Hunkins--Affordable Dreams; 774 S. Placentia Ave.; Placentia, CA 92870.