PHR Chassis Dyno Test * SuperFlow Chassis Dyno * Tested At Westech
The Weiand Air Strike/Holley 750 HP induction system was worth plenty of power from the low end of our test range all the way to the top. With open exhaust, the induction really turned on, but even through a single exhaust with a cat-con, we had a substantial gain. Note that we are peaking fairly low in the rpm scale-below 5,000 rpm. Considering that the bottom end of this engine is built to be rock-solid dependable to over 7,000 rpm, there is still a huge amount of power remaining to be tapped. We probably won't build it up to that kind of rpm range, but even another 1,000 rpm can add serious numbers to the power curve. After a new exhaust, there may just be a cam change in our future.