Choosing a color wasn't hard, as Rick chose a modern remix of the car's original tone. The violet color (officially named "Twi-Lite Mist") seems unique, and today it is, but it was one of many interesting shades offered by manufacturers back when these cars were new. It's a good tip for builders looking to make a statement, and we'd second Rick's recommendation to take a look at the factory colors from the past to truly strike a stylish chord when choosing paint.

The interior carries a modern flavor, with copious grey tweed covering the original seats. Completed by Fine Line Interiors of Clarkston, MI, the tweed fabric infuses some purple accents to set off the paint. Carefully crafted door panels flow smoothly from front to rear, boasting grey leather and custom door pulls to set off the original dash. Digital gauges (from Nordskog) have been set into the original gauge pods to complete the old/new look. A B&M shifter lives in a custom grey leather console, and controls the Turbo 350 transmission living behind the injected 394. Violet leather is used sparingly throughout the interior to properly bring the grey in tune with the paint.

Rick smiles when he tells people "Daring to be different is still a good thing", and after seeing this well-crafted line-crossing Olds, we'd have to agree. Cox's passion for the purple Dynamic 88 is evident in his choices for everything on the car, and while we're sure it was far from the easiest thing in the world to build, it stands among the finest examples of why we love hot rodding.