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1985 Hot Rods

The experts from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine offer featured 1985 Hot Rods that include street rods, old roadsters, rat rods, and other custom vintage cars. Select a featured article below to view web exclusive hot rod photos, read about modification upgrades, analysis, and more.

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Anniversaries of any kind are important to mark since they’re milestones commemorating the passage... more
1968 Olds 442 - The Oldsmobeast
You could be a hater and not even know it. Disrespect often leads to hatred, and most hot rodders... more
Sixteen Sweet Automatic Shifters
When you consider how important the functionality of a shifter is when operated behind a... more
Hometown Hot Rodding - August 2014
Hometown Hot Rodding - August 2014... more
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A lot has changed in the hot rodding world since I started at this company some 22 years ago. For... more

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Hot Summer Car Movie
This summer's "Snake & Mongoose" movie takes us back to where it all began for many of us.... more
AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge
Lunati joins the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge as a contingency sponsor in the crankshaft... more
PerTronix Quick Change Crimping Tool
Thanks to a quick release interchangeable die set, PerTronix's cool new Wire Terminal Crimping... more
1965 Mustang
Wilwood Disc Brakes introduces new front disc brake kits for the 1965-1969 Ford Mustang.... more
Racing Fuel
VP Racing Fuels has introduced its newest blend—X16—a perfect blend of performance and economy.... more

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February 1985
Not sure if this is the right forum or not but if not I'm sure someone will point me in the right... more
Chevy 350 carburetor
I hope this doesn't offend you hotrod enthusiast, but I am looking for help with my hunting rig. I... more
Chevy 350 carburetor
Both Holley and Edelbrock make nice replacement carbs. You'll want a 600-650cfm. Holley makes a... more
Chevy 350 carburetor
something else I should point out, which is your air cleaner...if its stock and you're bouncing... more
Chevy 350 carburetor
Jegs has the Holeey Street Avenger Carbs. Holley P/N 510-0-83570 570CFM $369.99 Holey P/N ... more