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This page would make the Bandit proud. Get you fix of Trans Ams, GTO's and everything Pontiac.
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Pontiac wheels
the car probably had rallye II units,which are a styled stamped steel design.... more
Pontiac wheels
I picked up a matching numbers Pontiac Ventura II 350ci/Th350. I am looking to find out my original... more
Pontiac wheels
I sure hope you're keeping that Pontiac 350...it'll swallow a 4" or even 4.5" stroke crank easily. ... more
77 pontiac grand prix 400 tuning
When you say the engine sounds great at idle, do you mean it idles a little rough like the cam... more
77 pontiac grand prix 400 tuning
And you just had to ask about books, I'm gonna load ya up on the reading... more