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Do you have 'Cuda fever? This is where you can get your prescription filled on some Mopar madness.
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210 MPH Super Bird
I had a popular mechanics magazine from about the 1970 or 1971 era. They tested a stock Superbird... more
'68 Plymouth Valiant Project Car
Johnny Hunkins - Glad to see your next project car is an underappreciated Mopar A-body. The... more
'68 Plymouth Valiant Project Car
I read your piece today and thought I'd see what was on Craigslist here in Seattle,I found 2 67... more
'68 Plymouth Valiant Project Car
After receiving my issue of PHR today and seeing all the engines from the Engine Masters Challenge,... more
'68 Plymouth Valiant Project Car
That's precisely what I tried to talk Johnny into at this years EMC. I fielded the 417 stroker... more