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The experts from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine offer featured Oldsmobile Hot Rods that include street rods, old roadsters, rat rods, and other custom vintage cars. Select a featured article below to view web exclusive hot rod photos, read about modification upgrades, analysis, and more.

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Oldsmobile 403 with a 455 crank shaft
At they say there was a article sometime in 1987, dosent say which month. Says its... more
2008 Oldsmobile Nationals in Detroit
Ya gotta love Oldsmobile's, even if GM killed it off.... more
2008 Oldsmobile Nationals in Detroit
Jut got back from the Oldsmobile Club of America Nationals in Detroit and had a blast with my... more
Oldsmobile 403 with a 455 crank shaft
Is it an article form PHR? When was it in the magazine?... more
Oldsmobile 403 with a 455 crank shaft
Wondering if anybody heard about an article putting a 455 crank shaft in a 403 olds block?????... more