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The experts from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine offer featured Mercury Hot Rods that include street rods, old roadsters, rat rods, and other custom vintage cars. Select a featured article below to view web exclusive hot rod photos, read about modification upgrades, analysis, and more.

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Hot Rodding Forum

1993 Mercury Grand Marquis Engine swap
Hey guys, my names Gabe Redmond. I'm an owner of a 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis GS. It runs fine and... more
1993 Mercury Grand Marquis Engine swap
Gabe welcome to our hobby and to PHR.. You have a nice foundation. A real sleeper. Thats really a... more
1993 Mercury Grand Marquis Engine swap
On your homepage/profile, you'll find links to mustang and ford magazines...they should probably... more
i agree with you 100 percent sir! in a word UNSAFE!!!... more
I have been a racer for over 40 years and can not believe you ran your fuel lines through the... more